I think it’s safe to say as soon as the warmer weather hits, we all want to invite people over for BBQs, start up the firepit, and lounge in the sun or pool with a drink in hand. This may be just the place to start when it comes to remodeling your home for Spring.
Here are some ideas to freshen up the yard and patio area:


Get ideas/find out what you want- Look at the space you are working with to get a vision of what you want. What colors you want to go with, the amount of extra space you have, the amount of people you normally have over and accommodate, and so on.

Patio Furniture- If you’re bored with your current patio furniture, think about painting for a fresh new look, and change out the cushions. Or maybe it’s time to start over and replace with a whole new set that fits the look and feel you are going for, and the space you are trying to fill.


Outdoor Kitchen– Create an outdoor kitchen area around the grill with: a mini fridge, drawers for utensils, cabinets for storing supplies, counter space, and maybe a bar area. Having someone build this for you is the best way to create the look you want within the space you have.


Create Shade- If you live in Central Oregon, you know the sun and heat can be brutal. And if you don’t have overhead shade, think about building an outdoor pergola. Not only do they create the perfect amount of shade in the summer, they also protect patio from winter months as well.



Outdoor Lighting- The right lighting in the patio area really brings the whole look together. Whether you are going with small twinkle lights, or bigger covered hanging lights, these set the mood for a great summer evening.

Fireplace/Firepit- Depending what you have room for, a small firepit or a larger outdoor fireplace completes a cozy evening. You can sit around it and chat with family and friends, or roast marshmallows and make s’mores with the kids.



Use benches for extra seating- These can be tucked aside until you need them. Just pull them out and around the patio for extra seating with pillows or cushions for your guests.  When they are not being used, you can use to hold plants and flowers for extra decoration.


Water Features- If you have a pool already, think about sprucing it up with a small waterfall or fountain, or replace the tiles around the pool for a fresher look. If you don’t have the room or want for a pool, think about adding a small water feature, like a waterfall or pond for that zen feeling in the yard. There’s nothing like the sounds of a backyard waterfall on summer evenings.