Complements Home Interiors

A home is…

…comfort, protection, warmth and an anchor for our daily lives. We awake each day, dine, entertain and experience life within our homes. Being surrounded by the colors, textures, materials and furnishings that provide comfort and well-being is a tangible part of feeling we are at home.
– Patricia Julber, owner, Chi (Complements Home Interiors)

Patti was recently a guest on Friends of Build Magazine. We invite you to watch her interview here.

What we notice on an unconscious level

The textures—from wood and brick, to glass and steel. The colors—from the walls to the furniture, cushions and accessories. The play between smooth and rough, light and dark, refined and rustic.

This is what our Bend interior design firm at Chi understands and brings to the design of your home.

What sets a space apart?

Perhaps it’s a piece of artwork, or a piece of furniture, or something as subtle as the lighting that pulls your eye into the space, that feels comfortable, and lures you to linger.

Perhaps it’s an unexpected, surprise element, something out of context. Our Bend interior design and home remodeling firm at Chi can help you create a distinctive space.






Urban Rustic