Get Creative with Color

There are those among us who don’t shy away from using color in our wardrobes, accessories and homes. This post is not meant to throw “shade” at others who prefer dreamy neutrals and tonal shades of beiges, creams and taupes. If you identify with the aforementioned first group, we put together a guide for you to style color into your home. While some may argue that wallpapering a wall or painting cabinets is too permanent, I’d like to remind you that nothing that is done cannot be undone. Sure, it may be more of an undertaking to make a big change, but I’m under the firm impression that life is too short and precious; buy the shoes, paint that wall, add a burst of color in your kitchen if it makes you happy.

A word of caution here, readers; while I am encouraging to make these bold moves, I am also encouraging you to make sure you love that color/print/pattern enough to live with it for a few years. Trendy colors come and go and I’ve caught myself seasonally obsessed with the current Shade of the Season. If you feel something is trendy, buy smaller accessories that are easy to rotate into your space. This is a great way to test drive if your love affair with “Baked Clay” by Sherwin Williams will endure or fizzle.


Wallpaper is my absolute favorite way to make a statement. Wallpaper is an excellent way to add color, texture and pattern to a space in a way that painting a wall falls short. With nearly unlimited collections and thousands of patterns available, it can feel a little overwhelming to nail down the perfect pairing. This is where I’ll shamelessly promote using us, your trusty designers, to help make this fun decision. We can hone in on the perfect floral, decadent silk, sassy jungle leaf, proper plaid or delightfully abstract wallpaper using our resources. But where to bless your home with such lavish treatments? Powder Rooms are an obvious choice for a wallpaper and will be a topic of conversation by guests. Other options can be the head-of-bed wall in your Master, Study or Office, Laundry Room or staircase. In all honesty, any space you like is game for wallpaper treatment.



Another way to spruce up a space is to paint the cabinets. Any and all cabinets are fair game—from Kitchen, Bathrooms, Library or Living Room. On the safer end of the spectrum are colors such as grays, whites, taupes or creams. If you’re more adventuresome, blues or greens look absolutely stunning as built-ins. Painted cabinets really allow the hardware to be showcased as well.  We recently finished a renovation and our client chose a deep blue color for her Kitchen island. Isn’t it beautifully paired with the blue and gold tones in the granite? Islands are prime for a splash of color if you’re looking for a bit of pizazz.

Kitchen Backsplash

As you know, the Kitchen is the epicenter of life in the home. We probably spend more hours in the Kitchen than most other spaces. Adding a pop of color in the tile backsplash is a way to enliven the heart of the home; it’s a way to celebrate this crucial space. The possibilities of colored tiles are almost endless so if you’re feeling overwhelmed with options, you know who to call–and it’s not Ghostbusters. Think of the tiled backsplash as the accessories of an outfit—without them the overall look can fall flat and be just okay. With the right tile backsplash, you’ll walk into the Kitchen with an extra pep in your step and enjoy the time spent in this space.

Accent Walls

I’ve saved the most obvious option for last. Painting an accent wall can dynamically change how a space looks and feels. Accent paint doesn’t have to be big or bold either; a velvety gray or handsome taupe can deepen the color palette and breathe new life into your existing furniture, art and accessories. The best part? It’s the most inexpensive and easiest way to infuse color into a space. Don’t love the emerald green or peacock blue wall any more? Change it up! Switch to another color and enjoy the transformation the space will undergo. Again, this may seem daunting to think about changing the paint in a room every so often, but it honestly will make you fall in love with the room all over again.  We provide Color Consultations to help identify the proper shade that will complement your existing paint, furniture, artwork and flooring.