Why you need an interior designer:

How can an interior designer help you?

How do you know when to consider hiring an interior designer?

What should you expect from and association with a designer?

Why people don’t contact an Interior Designer:


Are there simply too many choices?

Or do you make up your mind quickly and start vacillating about you choice later on?

If you are indecisive, clearly you should be working with an interior designer.

Your indecisiveness can cause your project to be put on hold.

Your designer helps you focus on what needs to be decided and gives you advise and guidance 


Maybe you have not trouble deciding what you want, and you look forward to making decisions. A designer is trained to work with you, to talk to you about your project, to respect your opinion, to make you aware of other options available to you, but also to advise you when your choices may not be the best ones. A relationship with a designer is collaborative one, not one of superior  and subordinate.

Financial Concerns

Does the thought of how much it’s going to cost prevent you asking for help?


What are you really afraid of?

Is is fear of the unknown?

Reasons why people call Interior Designers:

1.  Awkward floor plan

2.  Out of date kitchen and or bathroom

3.  Problem windows

4.  Lack of storage/space

5.  Inadequate electricity and electrical conveniences

6.  Low light and or poor view

7.  Lack of architectural details

8.  No master suite

9.  Lack of entertaining space

10. A creative advocate for you when working with a builder or architect