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MarkowRes_PowderRoom_2Interior Design means different things to different people. On a typical day there can be a paint selection for one client, drawing a new master bathroom for another, making sure a sofa is the right size for a client’s living room, and will also fit through their door. It might mean fitting a very tall person with a comfortable chair, or helping choose the perfect decorating touches for another’s home. It may require designing a custom kitchen or bathroom backsplash that has special meaning for someone or guiding a dog-owning client to the best and most durable upholstery fabric or flooring options. Our days never look the same, which is what makes interior design such an interesting job!

The interior designers at Chi in Bend, Oregon, see each client and their particular home design requirements with a fresh eye. We want to know about you and how you live your life at home. The better we know you, the better we can help achieve your design goal, whatever that may be.

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