A logical combination, what happens in one of these two rooms affects the other. If you’re looking for a remodel in one, it’s best to consider the other too. The kitchen is the heart of the home. We want to help create a breath-taking focal point for your home. How you use your kitchen, how your family interacts around food, how you entertain—whole books have been written on these interplays and how to best design for enhanced usability, comfort, and warmth. CHI can help you create a kitchen design that you’ll be proud to call your dream kitchen.

While kitchen remodels can seem daunting, we will walk you through every phase of the process from selecting custom cabinetry, space planning, choosing styles and finish selections, making a countertop selection to paint selection, our talented designers will discuss many kitchen design options with you. Whether your style is classic or contemporary, check out our kitchen renovation projects and kitchen design ideas for inspiration.

At Chi, our interior designers take kitchen and dining room design to heart because, well, we too love to cook and eat! Contact our interior design team for a consultation today!

Feeling inspired to take on another home improvement project? Chi offers a variety of interior design services. Check out our portfolio of bathroom remodels and bath designs for design inspiration.