Why would you pay a designer when you can get free design help at so many stores?

If you are ok with someone selling you a table that doesn’t quite fit your definition of perfect, but is just ok, then that scenario may work for you. But I have had clients who are tall, short (insert your adjective here) who need their sofas,chairs, tables, counters, lighting, bathrooms  made so that they are comfortable. Good design is not just visual, it is important on so many levels of comfort, ergonomics and safety. 

Let’s start with ergonomics. Builders these days put televisions above fireplaces routinely because it is convenient. But convenience is not necessarily good for you. It is bad for your neck to strain it repeatedly looking up. A designer will catch that  prior to build out, usually in plan check that there are better locations for a television. That is one small example. 

I have clients who want 38” high countertops because it is more comfortable than standard height of 36”. We customize the cabinets and the height of electrical plugs to accommodate these changes.

Clients who are very tall like a deeper sofa with a taller back cushion to support their legs, backs and neck and make it comfortable to sit for long periods of time.

Lighting is a crucial part of living in a home. Whether you are light sensitive or losing your sight, these are issues to take into consideration when designing for an aging population.

As you can see you can probably get something that “works” okay, but why would you when you have something that fits perfectly in your home, exactly made for you and your needs? Good design looks good and makes everyone comfortable in the process.