Serene earthy hues and calming green shades have had a consistent showing in residential interior color schemes for the past several years. In 2023, they are still going strong, but neutrals such as whites and grays might be looking a little bit outdated at this point. Decor in living spaces is also taking on a theme, one that celebrates deeply personal meaning, heritage, and authenticity. Wall art, for example, can consist of rustic wooden canoes or your grandmother’s collection of landscape weaves. If you’ve been mulling over redoing your home decor this year, then the following list of emerging design and furniture trends might help get you started.

Art Deco

Spartan minimalism is out, and the distinctively flamboyant Art Deco style is in. Art Deco, a visual art and architectural style that first gained popularity in the 1920s, is characterized by bright colors, geometric shapes, and luxuriously detailed patterns. Instead of bare walls in muted neutral palettes, 2023 home interiors are likely to have brightly colored furniture pieces and wallpapers that scream the whirlwind decadence of Art Deco. Think curvaceous sofas and low slung curved barrel chairs. Sexy and dramatic are the watch words of the Deco Movement.


Clean and elegant functionality is shared by both Japanese and Scandinavian principles of interior design. It is no wonder merging the two styles into Japandi feels quite natural. Japandi fuses the spare and rustic sensibility of Japanese design into the Nordic’s embrace of smooth modern curves and industrial practicality, breeding a nature-meets-modernity aesthetic that prioritizes simple, airy, and clean spaces. You can start adopting Japandi little by little through uncluttered rooms, bamboo furnishings, and storage solutions made of natural materials.

Natural Light

Rooms lavishly bathed in natural light, a proven mood booster, are on the rise this year. Interior designers are suggesting wide unadorned windows and lots of reflective surfaces. This trend makes a lot of sense in the post-pandemic era because natural light has disinfecting and health-boosting properties. People who work at home can greatly benefit from a flood of natural light throughout the day as it helps with maintaining focus and sleep quality. Adding skylights where natural light can’t come in is a great way to add light to dark areas such as hallways and interior bathrooms.

Sage or Thyme Green

A quiet shade of green is going big this year. Considered the “new neutral,” sage green goes well with brown, but you can also pair it with bright colors such as yellow or electric blue. And, if you’re not yet ready to embrace this year’s neutral color craze, you can always opt for small snatches of it in your living areas. You can have a new sofa cover in sage green or a bunch of throw pillows in the gorgeous green hue against your brown couch. Adding soft green cabinets to your kitchen adds a subtle sophistication while bringing the outdoors in.

Teal and Turquoise

Along with sage green, two blue-green variations are popular this year. Turquoise and its darker cousin, teal, can be fantastic color picks if you are planning on repainting your walls or cabinetry this year. Both hues evoke the tranquility of tropical waters and are soothing. You can even add these colors to a powder room  with wallpaper to create drama.

Thrifted, Handmade, and Vintage Items

2023 plays up the raw functionality of modern furnishings with sustainably sourced items from flea markets, garage sales, and local outlets. It can even be something you already own. You might have a mismatched bedside table or a wooden cabinet that has become an eyesore; you could repaint them in a distressed technique for a beautiful rustic and weathered look. Bohemian interiors never seem to go out of style, so this year’s newfound attention to thrifted, handmade, and vintage decor is not surprising.

Coffee Stations Beyond the Kitchen

In 2023, coffee (or tea) brewing gets a spot in other areas of the house aside from the kitchen. As a consequence of an evolving modern lifestyle of remote work and the need for informal home offices, it is becoming increasingly normal for house and apartment dwellers to devote space to a coffee, cocoa, or tea-making nook in their bedroom and the designated study or home office.

Checkerboard Patterns

The checkerboard motif is getting traction nowadays, but it has evolved into a softer version where the colors are not too garishly contrasting. The latest adoption of the checkerboard pattern in carpets and textiles replaces the traditional black and white for something more somber, including black and gray.

Wavy Stripes

Aside from checkerboard patterns, wavy stripes are having a moment in 2023 home interior design. Wavy stripes denote fluid movement and have a relaxing effect. Wavy stripes on your wallpaper or area rugs just might be the perfect recipe this year for bringing calm and composure into your living spaces.

All the aforementioned trends can serve as design and decor inspirations for revamping your home interior in 2023. Making your home more comfortable and suitable to your lifestyle does not always mean costly renovations; most times, a much-needed wall repainting or an attempt to upscale a tired curtain or sofa cover can do the trick.

If you are looking for expertise on your project to revamp your home in 2023, let’s  get you on the schedule!