As experts in home interior design in Bend, our Complements Home Interiors team loves helping area property owners discover new and exciting elements to include in their projects. Part of that process includes finding the latest and greatest appliances.

But, with so many different options out there, how do you know which one to choose for your kitchen? And more importantly, what are the latest must-have features? In part two of our three-part series on kitchen remodeling, here are three tips for what to look for when purchasing new appliances for your kitchen remodel.

1. Smart Appliances with Wi-Fi Connectivity

Perhaps the biggest thing to consider when purchasing new appliances for your kitchen is whether they have Wi-Fi connectivity. Why? Well, for starters, there are a number of manufacturers that now have complementary smartphone apps that make cooking meals easier. Some even remind you when you’re out of milk to allow you to set the temperature on your oven from the comfort of your sofa. Plus, many of these devices easily integrate into your existing home automation system, such as Google Home and Alexa. So, if you’re a fan of tech, you’ll definitely want to look into buying appliances with these types of features.

2. Touchscreen Controls

Forget buttons and dials. Today’s newest kitchen appliances integrate touchscreen controls for ease of operation and exceptional safety. The great part about this is the increased peace of mind you get by not wondering if a feature turned on without your knowledge. For example, no more accidentally bumping a burner or wondering if your toddler is fiddling with the knobs. Likewise, these touchscreen controls also mean that there is more room for special features, such as one-touch heat controls and even cooking sensors to ensure meals never burn.

3. Multi-Purpose Appliances

Finally, there are tons of kitchen appliances out there that offer multiple different uses in the same unit. What we mean by this is features like the Frigidaire Gallery range with built-in air fryer or many of the different combination convection ovens on the market. Manufacturers know that customers like convenience, which is why they’re creating these types of appliances. And the number of different options is increasing, as high-end appliance manufacturers learn that consumers want to get maximum value without having to own and store a bunch of smaller kitchen appliances.

4. Don’t Count Out Basic Kitchen Appliances

Okay, so we might be a little excited about all of the features we’ve mentioned above. That’s why we wanted to also tell you not to count out the power of a basic kitchen appliance. If you don’t quite need all the bells and whistles because your idea of cooking a meal is making dinner reservations, we totally understand. That’s when it might be best to stick to those items that have one bell or whistle instead of the top-of-the-line options.

Your Kitchen Remodel Experts

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