What does Luxury in Interior Design look like?

People crave luxury.What is so enticing about looking in other people’s homes? Especially rich people’s houses? To enjoy what they( or their designer’s) have conjured up as unique designs. We want to take those designs and recreate them in our own homes in some small way.

Luxury is not about expense, rather it is about a feeling. How can you create that feeling?

A luxury Designer will pull out the individual personality of their clients to create a one of a kind experience for them. This includes making sure the client’s own treasures are included and placed in areas of prominence within their home. The luxury designer will find a way to create a unique look for their client regardless of budget. Luxury is not about budget, but about how to create a gorgeous, comfortable home that  shows off a bespoke look. The luxurious home creates a feeling of calm and comfort from the first moment you walk in. It usually will defy description of why it creates this feeling. The interior designer will have pulled together the home in a way that makes you feel both welcome and just a little bit envious. You want your home to feel as comfortable and as welcoming! The luxurious home will have the homeowners personality sprinkled throughout.

Luxury in design might mean having unique furnishings and art work. Or it could be having your designer find the perfect sofa, coffee table and lamps to create the perfect space to have friends over.

It could finding that ever so cool piece you found on vacation you had to have, and giving it a place of honor to make your heart sing when you walk in the door!

As Coco Chanel famously said “Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury.”