The kitchen countertop is perhaps one of the essential finishes of the most highly used room in your home. While it is highly visible, it is also necessarily the most functional part  of your kitchen. Whichever material you choose will significantly impact the cost  and the ultimate look of your kitchen remodeling project. This and the cabinetry may be the two most expensive components of your kitchen remodel. When choosing a countertop material for your remodel, consider these points:

The Look 

The look of your countertops is critical to the overall aesthetic appeal of your space. Granite, Soapstone, Quartzite,Quartz, Marble and cement as well as other materials are available in an extensive range of colors and styles, making it easy to find the right look for your space. Avoid settling for a look you do not love and continue shopping until you see the appropriate material type and style for your space.


Durability is a critical component of the countertops, and this is because of how functional this finish needs to be for your use in the kitchen. You want the material to be scratch-resistant,acid resistant, heat-resistant, and otherwise impermeable as possible to damage. Granite is a popular option because it has most of these features. Still, it can be damaged by acidic materials, heat and oils on the surface. For example, exposure to lemon juice on a repeated or long-term basis can etch the finish whether polished, leathered or honed. This is just one example of materials you could choose from, and you should carefully compare all options for durability and overall functionality.

Cleaning Requirements 

Another point to consider relates to cleaning the countertops. If you are like most people, you will clean your countertops daily. Granite typically needs to be cleaned with soap and water, which makes it an easy option to keep clean. Typically, you want to avoid using harsh chemical cleaning agents with granite for the same reason as above. Each material has its cleaning requirements, and you can research the requirements for each before you make your final decision. Keeping your surface clean is relatively simple. Soap and water and a dry clean cloth to wipe down afterwards.

A few choices

Granite has been a popular countertop option for many years due to how ubiquitous it has become. It has a high-end esthetic look that many people love in a traditional setting and it is durable and easy to keep clean; there are many looks to granite as well. Quartz is long-lasting, easy to maintain, and very elegant. Quartzite is easy to clean but typically costs more than granite because of its rarity and that it is most durable and hard natural stone. The lighter choices can be prone to scuffing and staining more than granite. Quartz is another attractive choice . It is made from natural stone and combined with resins to create a more durable finish and a more uniform look. It has the best warranty, depending on the brand. It also can give you the best finish to look like a marble without the headaches of the softest stone to use as a countertop.

Take the time to compare all the options available with these points in mind, and you will likely find the right solution for your remodeling project.Make sure you speak to a design professional as their knowledge is deep and wide regarding which countertop finish will work best in your kitchen or bathroom.

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