There are very few decorative elements that are as powerful as plants in interior design. As if by magic, they instantly make a space feel nurtured and turn cold spaces into warm and inviting environments. 

There are many benefits to having our homes alive with fresh green plants, including several health benefits. Of course, they look friendly and are interactive, but did you know they can help with allergies? Plants increase humidity and decrease dust. If you are needing to sleep better, they release oxygen at night that aids in a better night’s rest. The nurturing and caring for plants can help reduce stress and anxiety, giving you a routine and a needed connection to a living, breathing organism. Plants are also great for many types of rooms, including living rooms, bedrooms, and more. They can liven up an empty corner in your space or a window sill and make everything appear more vibrant with lush greenery.

Somewhere That’s Green”, a local to Bend bricks and mortar plant space offers a great place to start putting together your perfect indoor garden. On a recent visit, we asked the helpful staff some tips for interior decorating with plants.

-Think of plants as sculptural art, not just décor.

-Don’t clutter your space even if it’s tempting to do so with plants – they grow and change and may require you to move them for light or other reasons.

-Be very careful when selecting varieties keeping in mind light, humidity and the ability to access care. 

-Don’t forget to express your personal style with your pot choices.

-Some of the best indoor plants are snake plants, fiddle leaf fig, African violets, Boston fern, string of hearts, peace lilies, succulents, monstera deliciosa, and more. It can add visual interest to get a variety of different plants for your living space.

-Avoid placing your plant next to heat sources (radiator) or in cold or windy spots. Brutal variations in temperature and humidity can be detrimental. Stability is key and plants need a healthy environment. 

For many, plant maintenance is still a tricky discipline, between a science and an art. Too much water or too little water and direct sunlight or indirect sunlight are important factors. Therefore, you should initially seek the help of a plant expert (like ‘Somewhere That’s Green’) when selecting for your interior design- this will ensure that you are able to properly care for them in your specific environment.

Avoid moving plants around-they love to find a home and stay there. They thrive off a steady environment, so try to place your plants in forever homes. Each time you move a plant to a brand-new location, it needs to adjust to new light levels and temperatures, and each “adjustment period” equals a pause in growth. If your plant is thriving, that means it’s happy in its current spot. If a recently relocated plant isn’t growing or is declining, give it a few weeks to adjust before making any more changes.

It can be unnerving to know where to start interior decoration with plants. Have patience with yourself and spend ample time researching varieties. 

Here is a list of supplies that will get you started on your plant journey. 

  • Fertilizer (a.k.a. plant food)
  • Trays and saucers (for drainage and to easily water from below)
  • Watering can
  • Pots
  • Self-watering pots-if you have too many plants, or to back you up when you’re away from home, try self-watering plant pots. They are key partners for the maintenance of the thirsty type of indoor plants.
  • Potting Soil-there are two types of houseplant soils: a well-drained soil rich in sand (for cacti, succulents, and the associated dry-type of houseplants), and a moister soil for most other common houseplants, especially the tropical ones. When you add soil to top-up or repot your plant, check about their preferred type of soil. Also, organic soil is the best for house plants and advised by many experts. 

If you have an opportunity to check out ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ you will not be disappointed. The store is beautifully appointed, and the staff is incredibly knowledgeable and fun to work with. They offer fun classes and interactive events as well. 

Let’s get planting!

1017 NE 2nd Street & Greenwood Avenue

Wednesday – Monday 10am-6pm

(Closed Tuesdays)