10. An interior designer helps to tell your story, maybe even your history – We help to make your house your home.

9. We have a trained eye to figure out what is wrong in a space and what is right. This comes from years of experience. you may own 3 or 4 homes over the course your life.

We are in 5 -10 homes a month and can see the things that are out of scale or perspective.

8. Home Price– We can help increase the value of your home and potentially increase showings and speed up the time on the market.

7. Wow factor! Je ne se quois – The “I don’t know why, but this place feels amazing” factor! We think and see differently. We look at the overall effect and not just one aspect of the project.

6. Contacts– this may be the single most important reason to hire an interior designer. In addition to the amazing vendors resources we have, we also have local subcontractors that we have vetted over the years. Our contacts are solid and we save you headache and money.

5. Wide availability of resources. We have access to many items that general public does not. You can search the internet and sometimes find the items we have. You need to decide if your time is worth the amount of time you’ll put into those searches. Many times we will have an idea of what you need in a certain spot a few minutes after seeing your home.

4. Liason – Your designer can help you build a relationship with your builder and/ or architect by facilitating conversations regarding the details of your home or remodel prior to any construction happening. Architects and builders are trained to work on the structure and the exterior of your home, making sure it is built to code and is soundly built, but not necessarily to make sure it works for you and your family as you live in it. Designers look for mistakes in key living areas.

Does the kitchen work for you and how you cook? Does the living room work for entertaining adults and kids? Will this be a home you can live in forever or only for a certain amount of time because of the limitations in it?

 3. Budget – Designers do our best to make your dollars stretch. We are not only creative in putting your room together, but we can do it with an eye to using items that may look expensive, but aren’t. Especially in areas that aren’t used much.

2. Professional advice – We have years of experience to help you solve your design dilemma in a timely and creative way.

The #1 reason to hire a designer from Complements Home Interiors as your interior design team –

Because we treat you with respect and listen to each one of your problems. We care enough to get each job done and done well.

We want your home to look like its your home only better!