After lockdown eased, we have noticed a resurgence of remodeling requests, mostly for kitchens and bathrooms. We thought it would be timely to talk about tile trends of 2020. As designers we are constantly on the lookout for exciting ideas to bring to you.


The Bigger, the Better

Large format tiles are not going away. I am seeing single tiles up to 45”x 120”–no, I didn’t make a typo, that’s almost 4’-0” x 10’-0”!! Larger tile means minimal grout lines in your shower. Your finish carpenter better be really good to get those walls straight and plumb. These tiles can make a dramatic statement in your shower or bathroom wall. 

This beautiful Porcelanosa wall tile “Butan” looks like a mosaic when in reality it is a large format tile. There are only 4 rows of tiles in the photo above–wild, right?

Where 12” x 12” tiles used to be the norm, now we are seeing either very small accent mosaics or very large tiles for a bit of added drama.


Color Us Happy

No big surprise, but gray is still on trend. Neutrals such as black, white and beige have made a comeback as well. Marble look-alikes are still very popular and timeless looking. While nothing looks better than real marble, the porcelain tiles made to like marble are durable, scratch resistant, and don’t require the maintenance that natural stone demands. Pair with a dark grout to make the tile pop, like in this bathroom we recently finished.

Photo by High Desert Real Estate Photography


While not really a new trend,handcrafted tile is one of our favorites and celebrates artisans and makers. There is something really special about handmade materials in your home. They bring a sense of character and individuality to a space. Fireclay Tile does this better than most and offers a wide array of colors. 

While 2020 has certainly been challenging on many fronts, we are excited for the opportunities to use new and beautiful tile options. We hope you will as well.