Planning a big project and don’t know where to begin? The first step is hiring a general contractor and, of course, an interior designer. So let’s dissect the benefits of working with a licensed general contractor that is also an interior designer who will legally oversee the project from design to end of construction. When clients want to use their general contractor, we respect that decision and have successfully worked with many of our local generals. We will, of course, collaborate with the GC to ensure the design gets implemented properly. 

Here is the breakdown of certain benefits of hiring a full-service firm with a GC, designers, and a full-service studio and showroom, like CHI.


Passing along a set of construction plans and specifications to a contractor acts like a real-life, high-stakes game of telephone. The message is crystal clear to the original communicator, but one tiny misinterpretation can completely change the meaning. Maybe they decided to go with a granite slab for your kitchen countertops instead of marble, or perhaps they chose a smaller, flat teal tile when we had meticulously researched and sourced a large, textured one. When the person who designed your interior is also in charge of managing the entire project, you can be assured there will be no misinterpretations of the design concept you and your designer painstakingly created.


As the project’s general contractor, our first goal is to follow every blueprint detail to the tee. With that said, all projects run into some unforeseen changes. We are on the job site to step in front of any problems that arise when they arise. We can handle the change keeping up with the overall design. Without our unique skills and inherent knowledge of the overall layout, a GC could compromise the project.


We are interior designers, and our ultimate goal is to give you the home or space of your dreams. We select the best subcontractor for each project to make sure this happens. This entails project managing the work of ten plus subs, which means we only want to work with the best. Our excellent relationships with our subcontractors are long-standing, and they often prioritize our projects over other contractors and designers. 


When CHI is involved in a project, we are the last line of defense if something goes wrong. If a client reaches out with a problem during construction, we are on it. We take on the responsibility of finding a solution to every problem. 

Complements Home Interiors is a full-service business. Patti herself is a licensed general contractor and interior designer. She has assembled a competent team that is easy to work with and has next-level design skills. 

If you are ready to begin planning your project for this coming year, give our team at Complements Home Interiors a call today to schedule an appointment.