Each year, Pittsburgh Paints picks a paint color that goes much deeper than a trend, it generally is a color from which palettes are begun. PPG Voice of Color® has just revealed Turning Oakleaf ATC-38 is the 2014 Color of the Year, saying, “Residing in a palette that reflects the spirit of pause and renewal, this color aligns with the mega trend of refreshed thinking that coincides with a new year.”

We couldn’t agree more with the choice. Its soft, barely there pastel-like quality evokes a tranquil, yet optimistic tone, like a buttercream. It pairs well with brights, citrus colors and warmer neutrals as well as blues, purples and greens. You could paint an entire room with it and not overpower the room. Or use it in subtle fabrics and other furnishings to tie the room together. Either way you can’t go wrong with this delicate creme tone.

You might consider including this in your paint palette choices, either as a highlight color or to give an underlying tone, and see how it affects your room’s mood. Call us or stop by the Complements Home Interiors showroom for a color palette strategy session so we can help you get some new color in your home, 541/322-7337.