Who doesn’t love a good cup of coffee first thing in the morning? As an interior design company in Bend, we’re noticing quite a few of our clients asking for one special element in their kitchen remodel: a coffee nook.

This fun and functional addition to your space is a great place for adding your favorite brewer or espresso machine. Plus, it offers an excellent storage solution for mugs, K-Cups, syrups, or other essentials.

Ready to learn more? Here’s how to perk up your kitchen with a coffee nook.

Find the Ideal Space

Just because you don’t have room for a dedicated cabinet or cart doesn’t mean you have to skip out enjoying a coffee nook. In fact, you might be surprised by the many ways you can transform an unused corner or wall into the ideal spot.

Need a few ideas? Consider adding floating shelves with a wider one at the bottom for making coffee. Or you can transform a corner cabinet area. Even a basic beverage cart or small table perched in an area out of the way of foot traffic can double as an ideal coffee nook. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

Add Baskets and Containers

Next, you want to make sure you have plenty of baskets and containers for all those essentials. While they don’t have to all be the same size, try to make sure they all have some sort of similar element to give off a cohesive aesthetic. For example, they can all be the same color, made from the same material, etc.

Jars and canisters with lids are ideal for loose grounds, while coffee pods look great stored in metal baskets or even colorful bowls. There’s a lot of room to personalize your space here, so make sure to choose items that make the most sense for your unique decor style.

Mug Storage

You’ll want mugs when making your favorite cup of coffee in your new nook. To ensure you have proper storage, make sure there’s a place for either hanging them or stacking them accordingly.

If you’re limited on space, it might mean just showcasing one or two at a time. But this is something you don’t want to forget while creating your nook.

Make Sure There’s an Outlet

Of course, one of the most important elements to adding a coffee bar to your kitchen is to make sure there’s an outlet. You’ll need this to plug in your coffee maker or any other electronics necessary for the perfect cup of java.

If this is an issue, don’t worry. A strategically (and safely) hidden electrical cord might work. Or you can always call a contractor to install a new outlet for you. Both are reasonable options and give you a little more flexibility to place your coffee bar where it makes most sense.

Kitchen Remodeling in Central Oregon

But what if you want to add a coffee nook to your kitchen, but your current floor plan doesn’t offer adequate space? That’s not a problem!

Complements Home Interiors offers start-to-finish home remodeling and interior design services in Central Oregon. Whether your space just needs a few minor touches or a complete overhaul, we can help you make it happen.

Let our team of experts handle everything from the initial interior design consultation through the construction process. Contact us today for details.