Ready to take a walk on the wild side with this week’s blog? We’re talking the maximalism design trend and how bold prints—such as leopard and snake—are blending with bright colors for an eye-popping appeal

Here at Complements Home Interiors, we’re seeing a lot of homeowners asking for this popular style when contacting us for interior design services in Central Oregon. Here’s what it is all about and why you might consider using it as inspiration for your space.

What is Maximalism?

Let’s start by explaining maximalism. This decor style is the exact opposite of minimalism. Instead of a muted color palette, it focuses on bold, bright colors. Patterns are mixed for a loud aesthetic. And furnishings are varied in size, color, and style, but still have a curated feel about them. Use of mixed textures and event animal prints is also common.

Essentially, maximalism is all about creating this big statement—which is why so many people love it. Bright and busy are the only requirements, meaning there’s a lot of room to make the space your own with lots of personalized flair.

Why is Maximalism Gaining Popularity?

There are numerous reasons why the maximalism design trend is so popular right now. To start, people are still spending a lot of time at home compared to just a few years ago. Instead of feeling closed in, they want to add a lot of personal character to their spaces, especially if they work remotely.

Second, it’s just a fun and exciting way to spruce up any room. When you can’t get out and travel to whimsical places around the world due to travel restrictions, it’s better to bring that vibe into your home space. Which is what a lot of people are doing.

Finally, there’s the social media catalyst. Maximalism spaces are just more fun to photograph for social media channels like Instagram.

How to Add Maximalism to Your Space

If the chaotic high energy of the maximalism design style appeals to you, then you’ll love these tips from our Complements Home Interiors team.

1. Use Bold Statement Pieces as an Anchor

Furniture and other large items generally work as an anchor for the overall design style of the space. Select bold statement pieces—like that cool retro red velvet fainting couch you spotted at your favorite antique shop—as the starting place for the rest of the space.

2. Layer in More Elements

After you’ve gotten the main focal points handled, start laying in contrasting elements. Bold prints like geometrics, animal prints, and others in similar hues can give you the maximalist look without appearing cluttered. Don’t be afraid to get whimsical or wild with your choices.

3. Top It Off with Bold Accessories

Finally, top off the entire look with bold accessories. Fun pillows in contrasting colors, heavy textures, and even patterned wallpaper can really give you that bold and sassy oomph you’re looking for.

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