It is often the last thing people think about when building or remodeling a home. But in reality, it plays an important role in creating warmth and privacy in our homes and should be factored into the budget from the start. There are so many different types of shades, blinds, and drapes that it would take more space than I have to go over all of them. But this is a starting point.

Blinds usually fit inside the window and are manufactured to custom-fit your window specifically. When we refer to blinds, we think of honeycomb ( Duette), wood blinds, and aluminum blinds(mini). Within the blind category, honeycomb are probably the most popular for various reasons. The most important is the ability to keep your space both cool in the summer and warm in the winter. The insulative properties are exceptional! Hunter Douglas’s technology within the Duette line captures more insulation than most other brands. 

Wood blinds give a look like shutters at a fraction of the cost. They come in various stains to match the trim or are painted in multiple shades of neutral colors. They do an excellent job of blocking light. They also are meant to be tilted open or closed, not pulled up or down. When they are pulled up and down repeatedly, the cords can break because of the weight of the wood. Aluminum blinds have gone out of fashion and are rarely used except in commercial spaces.

Shades are also a custom fit and come in so many different types. Roller shades have come a long way since you could only raise and lower them with a spring-loaded mechanism. They are a beautiful and practical way to cover your windows. Hunter Douglas has a battery-operated “Soft Touch” system allowing you to open and close them quickly. Silhouettes are a shade with sheer in front and back with a fabric inside that gives the appearance of a blind, yet is soft. It allows view and the ability to raise them out of the way. 

The Pirouette is similar to the Silhouette with a slight difference. There is only one layer of sheer fabric behind the front material. It looks like a roman shade when down, but it has the ability to see trig the sheer when open and down; it also rolls up completely into the headrail creating a larger view through your window.

Sonnette is similar to the Duette with a slightly different look, more modern and rounded than a honeycomb shape. And it rolls up to create a large viewing area.

There are Roman shades where you can select your own fabric, and when they are raised, they create a valance out of the fabric when it’s up. Provenance-woven woods are beautiful and constructed from natural materials, either reeds or bamboo. They can be lined to create a darkened room in bedrooms too.

For sliders patio doors, there are a few options that make them easier to open and visually more attractive. Of course, the old standby vertical blinds are still around and can work. Still, there are Luminette’s, which correspond to Silhouette fabrics and look like a drape. Duette Vertiglide is also a great option! The honeycomb is turned on its side and is a cordless option to take a blind to the side like a drape instead of up and down. They almost disappear when in the open position. Skyline sliding panels are also a larger-scale panel that slides vertically to one side.

We also love doing all kinds of drapes. We have one of the largest fabric selections in Bend and love to find just the exact right fabric for your windows! We have also done outdoor drapes that enclose a space for a cozy feel and side panels that create warmth in a room. 

Complements Home Interiors is a Hunter Douglas Centurian dealer; give one of our designers a call to set an appointment to have us look at your windows to see what will work best in your home.