This is the time of year when people start to think about redesigning or remodeling their kitchens. 2018 was a year of contrasts. We had nods to the 80’s with brass making a huge comeback and the farmhouse trend with shiplap everywhere and two-tone cabinetry on trend.

This year the new metal color is Pewter and Gunmetal. Faucets are moving that direction as they can play well with a variety of other metals. The new black stainless 

appliances would look very sophisticated with pewter plumbing fixtures.

Open shelving has been hot for several years and continues to grow for kitchen design. It is such a great look, but has downsides that should be explored as well.

Central Oregon is such a dusty, dirty place to live that having open shelving will guarantee your dishes or decorations will continually be dusty. If you are a  person that keeps clutter to a minimum open shelves will work for you and your home, if not you may want to rethink this trend.

Traditional is trending again. Wallpaper, gold fixtures, and beautiful wood furniture are all on trend. Beautiful drapes, or roman shades are a great way to warm up those kitchen windows.

Within the traditional is the vintage vibe. Whether it’s adding a antique find from a funky shop or a piece from your mom or grandmother, these are pieces that add flavor and interest in a home.

Color is back! After all these years of white kitchens, a splash of color is coming back. Maybe in a seat cushion on a counter stool, or a fabric valance over the  window or adding a surprise piece of artwork on the wall- color warms the kitchen.

Many people are making a move to add boldly colored cabinets. They are pairing the cabinets with beautiful appliances and plumbing fixtures. 

Brick has been trending heavily for a few years and doesn’t show any slowdown.

It pairs well with both traditional and warms contemporary up with the rough edges and large grout joints.

It makes for a great backsplash!

Whatever you are thinking about doing to your kitchen in 2019 remember to look at the rest of your house so all the elements will work well together to not feel like one part is remodeled while the rest has been left behind.