Is this the best time to remodel?

Remodeling your home is a big decision. Even if it is as small as a bathroom remodel or as large as a complete home renovation, many important decisions must be made.

Our job as your interior designer and general contractor is to create a reasonable, understandable plan that clearly outlines the decisions to be made. Budget is merely one of a myriad of things to consider when remodeling. 

How long will the remodel take? 

We all are aware of the ongoing supply chain issues that will inevitably arise with at least some of the choices you will have to make. Staying on top of vendors and timelines is one of our job’s many project management aspects. 

Are materials more or less expensive than two years ago?

They are up, on average, 20%  over 2020, which is not slowing down. It’s better to get on your project going sooner rather than later.

Will your subcontractors be available when we need them?

We purchase all the materials before scheduling our subcontractors. When we have ETA’s, we start scheduling the subs to start. After years of working with the same subcontractors who are on top of their game, they will prioritize our work above you hiring them from a cold call. That is one of the many perks you will have working with CHI. The labor market is tighter here in Central Oregon, and that means fewer subcontractors; we have built long-standing relationships that will expedite your project.

Will I need permits or an architect or engineer?

That is likely something to plan for. It can depend on what the scope of the remodel will be as well as its complexity.

How will this impact your life and your living situation? 

You may not be able to stay in the house during construction. Arranging ahead of time for a secondary living situation should be a priority. You also may need access to a bathroom or kitchen to maintain your daily lifestyle, and they may be out of commission for a length of time. This is where planning becomes pivotal, and we are here to keep all these plates spinning for you. 

We would love to be a part of your project to make your home everything you desire. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.