Have you ever worked with an Interior Designer? Do you know what to expect? How do they charge? Do you really need to use an Interior Designer? We will cover these questions and more over the next couple of posts.

First, let me start by saying: Interior Design is not a mysterious, magical profession. Because every Designer works in a different way, it can be confusing to use one designer on your house and then use another and have their processes and way of charging be completely different.

Some designers only charge for their time. Some designers charge a flat fee for their design time and then add a cost plus mark-up to all purchases you make through them.

Some designers charge by the square foot for working on your home. Is your head spinning yet? It is a complex profession with many nuances that are never seen by our clients. How a designer charges is sometimes due to what kind of designer they might be. Do they only work with a builder on new homes? Do they only do furniture and softcoverings? Let me pull back the curtain on the great and mysterious profession of Interior Design (sort of!) My business is unique to other Designers (I know they all say that!), because I am a general contractor as well as an Interior Designer. I charge for my design time by sending out a letter of agreement to cover time spent on design work as well as well specing and purchasing furniture, soft,or hard window treatments. It also covers remodels or new home construction and selecting and designing areas for surfaces in the home.