Have you ever wondered how to get your shelving to look like the way you see on Pinterest or Instagram? The truth is that it all comes down to knowing a few key little secrets. Keep reading to learn how to style shelving in your living space.

1. Choose Objects That Mean the Most to You

Our first tip for styling shelving is to choose objects that mean the most to you. What we mean by this is that you should select items that you enjoy and not just because they’re just a placeholder on your shelf.

Maybe it is a little trinket that you found at a flea market while on vacation or a photo of your dog. Perhaps it is a vase in your favorite color or a book you enjoyed reading as a teenager.

The easiest way to make your home feel comfortable and relaxing is by using items that feel familiar and cozy. And this whole idea really translates to the items you choose to place on your shelf, too.

2. Select a Specific Color or Theme

When styling shelving in your living room, make sure to choose a specific color or theme. Notice we didn’t say to make everything match, though!

You want somewhat of a cohesive look, which is why you want there to be some common thread between the items. Maybe it is all white photo frames with black-and-white images in varying sizes. Or perhaps there’s a variety of decorative items that all have a hint of aqua blue.

Whatever you decide, the key here is to just have that little bit that remains the same throughout the entire shelf.

3. Start with Larger Items First

When styling shelves, it is always important to state with one or two large items first. Since they’re the ones most likely to take up space, it makes sense to place them and then start to add smaller objects around it.

For example, you might have a large vase full of artificial greenery and a larger photo frame that you want to add to your shelf. Add those first. Then find smaller objects–like mini photo frames or other decorative items–to fill in the gaps. This works especially well if you have shelves that span the entire wall of a room.

4. Vary Horizontal and Vertical Stacking

Another tip? Vary your horizontal and vertical stacking. This means placing objects of different heights at intervals to give them a visual appeal. If you don’t follow this method, you’ll have all the little items grouped together in one place and all the bigger items in another.

Not only is this bad for the visual aesthetic of your styling, but it isn’t great for the shelving itself, either. Too much weight on one end can throw off the balance, which could lead to brackets breaking free from the wall. Or, if your shelf is part of a bookcase, bowing in the middle if all the weight is there.

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