At Complements Home Interiors, we love helping our clients with all kinds of home remodeling in Central Oregon. However, one of our most common projects is kitchen renovations.

While there are numerous aspects to this process, one area we see a lot of property owners run out of ideas during the interior design consultation process is how to choose the right lighting.

The good news? We’ve put together this blog post to help. Here are a few tips on how to make this task a whole lot easier

Choose the Right Style

The first step in finding the best lighting for your kitchen is to choose the right style. For example, if your home has a farmhouse or natural feel, you might go for a design that includes natural elements like wood or iron. With modern design, glass or painted metal are a good idea.

The point? Find a fixture that best coordinates with the overall design of your room. The possibilities are endless, but it is important to at least attempt to pair your lighting with the aesthetic for a put together appearance. As a side note, remember that paint and a little creativity can turn a light that isn’t quite right into the absolute perfect one.

Think About Lighting Needs

Another tip is to think about your lighting needs. Does your space have lots of natural light and big windows? If so, you might not need a bunch of extra fixtures. However, if it only has one small window or there isn’t a lot of incoming sunshine, then you’ll likely want something to make it easier to see when whipping up a meal.

In addition, you can always opt for a combination. Pendant lights in accent areas paired with recessed lighting is a good way to brighten things up at night, but still give you options during the daylight hours. Or consider adding brighter lighting over an island or a sink to give more illumination while you’re chopping vegetables, reading a recipe, etc.

Consider Accent Lighting

In addition to your primary lighting source, you’ll also want to consider accent fixtures for your kitchen. This includes elements like under cabinet accents and even directional track lighting. Both are a good way to give you that extra bit of illumination where you need it or to highlight artwork on the walls or some other specific element of the room.

And the neat part is that accent lighting comes in a gazillion different ways these days. For example, maybe you have open front shelving that you want to highlight in contrast to your traditional cabinetry. An LED strip underneath offers that glow you’re looking for without being too over the top.

Kitchen Remodeling and Interior Design Services in Central Oregon

One of the most important aspects of designing your dream kitchen is choosing the right lighting. With the tips we’ve provided in this blog post, you can easily select the best option for your needs and budget.

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