Many homeowners play it safe while shopping for furniture by settling on neutrals, classic profiles, and muted pieces that don’t draw attention. While a neutral palette can bring sophistication to a space, pops of color and dimension can take it to a whole new level.

Bring that “wow” factor to your home by implementing furniture that makes a statement. What exactly is a ‘statement’ piece? When you’re shopping for furniture and see something that stops you in your tracks, that’s a statement piece. Maybe it’s the bold color that caught your attention. Or perhaps it was a unique pattern or exquisite lines? A statement piece that reflects your personal style is what will set your house apart.

Check out our remodeling tips on how to choose furniture that makes a statement in your home:

1. Limit the Number of Statement Pieces

It’s easy to go overboard when shopping for furniture. You may find numerous pieces that stand out that you want to add to your home design. However, too many statement pieces can make a space appear too busy and less special. Choose just one or two pieces in each room as the focal piece(s) and keep the rest of the furniture simple and less ornate.

2. Examine the Color Wheel

Color is one of the first things people notice when they walk into a room. If you plan on using bold color in your design, aim for complementary hues that will help balance out the boldness of the statement piece. Complementary colors are opposite on the color wheel, meaning if you find a chic yellow accent chair that fits your living room interior design, add purple accents throughout the room to complement the striking yellow accent chair.

3. Keep Scale in Mind When Choosing Furniture

The size of the pieces you choose can directly influence the final look of the space. A room should not have too much furniture as it can make it feel small and crowded. However, you don’t want to have just one piece of furniture as this will make the space appear unbalanced and impractical. Your statement piece should have support furniture that helps bring the design to completion.

4. Play with Unique Patterns

Furniture with unique patterns or ornate details can really make a statement in a room. In fact, having several patterned pieces can help create balance and aesthetic appeal if done right. Avoid mixing too many patterns that all have the same scale. Instead, pair a large pattern, such as a thick stripe, with a smaller print in the same or a complementing color.

5. Incorporate Texture into Your Statement Piece

Although color, size and shape all play defining roles in the overall impact of a piece, furniture’s texture can instantly add dimension to a space. Depending on your design preferences, you may be swayed towards clean metal furnishings, such as a gold framed coffee table. Materials like leather and wood can add instant warmth to any room.

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