Are you looking to add a new sofa or chair to your home? Selecting the right fabric is crucial, as it can mean the difference between enjoying your new piece for years to come or having to replace it after a shorter period of time. As experts in interior design in Bend, we’ve put together this list of various furniture fabrics to help you choose the right one for your needs.

Natural Fabrics

There are a lot of benefits to choosing natural fabrics for the furniture in your home. Most naturally resist stains, wear, and are quite easy to care for. However, they aren’t always the most comfortable to the touch, which is why many people go for other options. Here’s what you need to know.

1. Linen

Made from natural fibers, linen is a popular choice for those who want a casual or more traditional appeal. While it is generally soft enough alone, linen is often paired with cotton to create an upholstery fabric that is less prone to wrinkling.

2. Cotton

When it comes to ease of care, cotton is a great upholstery fabric choice for furniture. However, most of the time, it is used on slipcovers and other styles that allow you to remove them and toss in the washing as necessary. It is usually used as part of a blend with other materials.

3. Wool

Another natural furniture fabric is wool. Made from animal hair, it’s durable and can look great for a long time. The biggest downside is that wool doesn’t have the softest texture and can feel a little scratchy to the touch.

4. Leather

Immensely popular in high-end furniture, true leather is made from animal hide. If you’re considering using this material for your next sofa, just make sure to select top-grain leather to ensure you’re getting the best durability and overall quality.

Synthetic Fabrics

Of course, there are many types of synthetic fabrics that make ideal furniture upholstery, too. Here are a few to consider.

1. Polyester

When used as part of a blend, polyester is incredibly durable as an upholstery fabric. It can take on nearly any texture and easily holds up to wear from children, pets, and continuous use.

2. Microfiber

Another popular upholstery fabric is microfiber. This extremely buttery soft material is made from a polyester blend but provides that comfortable texture that most people enjoy. It’s also fairly moisture resistant, meaning it can hold up to occasional spills and accidents without too much fuss.

3. Sunbrella

Finally, there’s Sunbrella fabric. This type of upholstery material is made from acrylic and specifically designed for outdoor conditions, such as on a patio or porch. However, some people opt to use it for indoor furniture with high traffic or in areas with added moisture, such as a pool house.

Is One Fabric Type Better Than Another?

When it comes to selecting the right fabric for your furniture piece, it is important to consider the overall use of the item. If you’re choosing fabric for outdoor use, then Sunbrella fabric is generally your best bet as it will hold up well to the weather. For a home with no pets or children, then leather might be appropriate. Really, it just comes down to your household, lifestyle and how much wear you expect.

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