We’ve spent all summer outside ignoring the insides of homes except to change clothes and get out to the lake/river/ mountain for that last bit of adventure. With the change in weather our gaze turns inward to our neglected home. What kind of projects are in the air?

For your living room: look around with a critical eye towards the holidays. Do you have enough seating? How is your seating looking? If it’s tired, maybe a call to your upholstery cleaner is what your seating needs. If it’s beyond that point, it may be time to look for a new sofa or chairs. Plan ahead as most custom upholstery pieces take between 8-12 weeks to arrive.

For your dining room: If your table has been bare all summer because you have been eating on the patio, maybe it’s time to  pull out a tablecloth to dress it up a bit. Add some accessories as a centerpiece with a couple of candles and you’re ready for Fall and an intimate dinner party!

For your kitchen: with an objective look at your countertops. Are they cluttered with bowls of fruit or full of last week’s mail?  Pull everything off and see what absolutely needs to be there. Put one piece back at a time to see what needs to be there. That way you have a more curated and less cluttered feel ( at least for  awhile).

For your bedroom:  It’s time to put the clothes away that pile up on the chair in your bedroom! Maybe your bedding needs an update with a new throw or even a new duvet cover. Update the pillows to feel fresh and new. Maybe move a picture or two to update the room. Change the bedside lamps to a new style to add task or soft lighting, depending on your needs. It could be that you need a bench at the end of your bed. Look at the style in your room before adding the bench to make it all works in harmony.

With a little effort, you can freshen up your house easily. If you don’t feel comfortable doing this, call an interior designer to help you.