Now is the perfect time to invest in renovations

After spending so much time at home, people are realizing their houses are well… tired. We’ve heard from many who are ready to jump into home improvement projects this summer. Here are a few projects that will give you the best investment over the long term as well as elevate your space until you decide to sell.


Kitchens are always the place where people need/want to put their money to work for them. What can you do to add value and comfort? You can install new countertops which will dramatically change the look and feel.  Depending on your taste and design style there are several options to choose from: granite, marble, quartz and solid surface. We love solid surface because it’s durable, cost effective and is available in a ton of color options, making it the most versatile. 

When you replace the countertops make sure to replace faucets, sinks and tile backsplash. If your cabinets are scratched, dented or faded from the sun, consider restaining or repainting them to give your kitchen a complete face lift! Switching out decorative light fixtures can help transform the room.

Adding new appliances will help you with your newfound cooking and baking skills. Upgrading your appliances to Smart appliances can boost your cooking skills as well! Smart appliances can be controlled through apps on your phone/tablet, which can allow you to start/stop your appliances with the touch of a button.  

A decent kitchen remodel will start around $50,000.  Actual cost will depend on material/finish selections, the size of your kitchen and scope of work.

Master Bathrooms

Master bathrooms are the second highest return on your investment [dollar for dollar project to get money back out of your house]. Dated tubs, old toilets and shorter cabinets are on people’s pain list–the things that bug you when you walk into your bathroom. For some reason builders thought it was ok to put 30”H cabinets in bathrooms. Additional research in ergonomics revealed a 34”H countertop is more ergonomically correct and will help us age better in place.

Changing to undermounted sinks with solid surface countertops and new faucets will refresh the entire room. Next you can replace your 1980’s jacuzzi style tub with a soaking tub or a freestanding tub. If you decide a freestanding tub is for you, think about how you use the tub. Do you need a place for a drink or a book/tablet to read? If the answer to either of those questions is “yes,” then you should also account for a shelf built into the wall where you can use both of those items. 

Aging in Place 

There is a new movement in home renovations that prepare us to age in place; this means designing spaces that allow seniors to safely live independently for longer. This may not be a concern for you at the moment, but if you are in your forever home and choose to renovate, it may be to your advantage to plan ahead. Even if you are planning to sell, these design choices can make the difference if another buyer is looking for their forever home. Designing for an aging population doesn’t mean it needs to look like a nursing home. Little design choices can make a world of difference. Choosing a faucet with single handles over smaller knobs and choosing D-type or larger vanity pulls can ease the pain of arthritis. Designing a larger shower with a bench can enable you to use it should the need ever arise. Installing an adjustable height showerhead with a handheld wand can extend your independent bathing. If you are redoing your shower, it’s a good idea to add blocking behind the walls for the future installation of grab bars. It’s easy to do when the studs are exposed and harder after the tile is installed.

Complements Home Interiors is available to  put your project on our schedule. We can help you from concept to completion and even make sure your new towels are right for the space when we’re done!  We have the resources and people to finish the job within your budget.