Holiday Help

The holidays are creeping up on us quickly! What does that mean for your home? Are you the person who likes to decorate for every holiday, real or perceived? Do you go overboard like the Kranks or are you more reserved in celebrating like Scrooge? Either way now is a great time to spruce up your home for winter.

Even if decorating isn’t top of mind yet, Fall is a wonderful time to get to all of the little tasks finished that creep up on us.It could be time to clean your carpets, oil your wood floor or organize your festive accessories. Make sure your summer clothes / outdoor gear are put away. If you are hosting Thanksgiving, pull out your platters, china/dishes, decorations and napkins at least a few weeks before the actual day. This way you can ensure all are in great condition and don’t need to be replaced or cleaned prior to use. Do you have grandma’s silver (or your own)? Make sure it’s polished and ready for use because tarnished silver can throw a wrench in your day. It is so much easier to do these things at the beginning of November than the week of Thanksgiving. Buy your wine early and any non-perishables to avoid disappointment when they’re gone the week of. You can usually order a turkey in advance to avoid the crush. While this isn’t design and decorating advice per se, it is helpful to calm your nerves if you have family descending on you. One can never be prepared enough!

Christmas or Hanukkah  

One way you can go big is to hire a professional to decorate and add the “je ne sais quoi” to your home . A professional Holiday decorator will bring ideas you had never dreamed of or imagined. For instance, they could coordinate multiple themed trees, garland for miles and winkle lights to fill your home with sparkle and sass. If a professional Christmas decorator isn’t in your budget, you can find beautiful ornaments and decorations at local speciality stores around town. They will have more unusual and adorable items to create that special look you can’t possibly get from Big Box stores. 

This is the perfect time to add new pillows to your sofa and chair. Choose from holiday themed or rich jewel-tones that reinforce the winter theme. You can also pull a cozy throw into the mix, which are stylish and perfect to ward off the early morning chill. Adding pieces to create an inviting feel to your home during the darkest time of the year will help make you fall in love all over with your spaces.

Trends to Watch

Always looking forward, we have found the latest trends emerging in the design world. 

  • Boucle everywhere–this fabric is back and gracing sofas, chairs and ottomans. The word “boucle” in French means “curled up or ringed” and refers to the lush texture of the fabric.
  • Boho Streamlined – we’re seeing a marriage of free-spirited Bohemian and clean lines with detailed metal accents. An emergence of raffia and caning on furniture and accessories help reinforce the Bohemian look. Raffia adds a touch of softness as well as texture. Used a lot in Mid Century Modern, Coastal or Scandinavian Design, this pared down aesthetic complements other pieces of furniture effortlessly.

  • Ralph Lauren – always a classic, the iconic house of style has been a beacon for all things chic. In this trend look for a combination of traditional mixed with modern touches such as acrylic or gold. 

  • Black + Gold are still very popular and don’t seem to be going anywhere. Find this dynamic duo in light fixtures, furniture, accessories and hardware. Pardon us while we swoon over this bar stool…

  • Tufted Barrel Chairs are still on trend. Whether it be channel tufted, tufted on the outback or the entire chair we still appreciate the look. It adds a little extra style and touch of pizazz. 

  • Nostalgia – in times of uncertainty we look to the past and take comfort from nostalgic styles and pieces. It might be the chintz that we have in our living room, Mid-Century Modern pieces we grew up with or the fashion of Ralph Lauren in the mid 80’s.  In design today we are taking inspiration by looking at past design styles. Borrowing from the past and adding our own spin creates comfort in times of uneasiness.

  • Color is Back! For a time neutrals and textures were more popular but now we are seeing an emergence of color being integrated back into living spaces. In my opinion, color boots spirits and lifts one’s overall mood. If you’re not bold enough to purchase a fuschia sofa you can just as easily integrate color into artwork, throws, pillows, accessories, wallpaper or window treatments.