Holidays or Holidaze?

Are sugar plums dancing your heads in giddy anticipation of Christmas? Or are you just ready to get on to 2022? 

Do you love decorating for the holidays? I have a friend who thinks about Christmas year-round and then decorates for people starting the day after Halloween. She just finished a large house in Phoenix that is amazing! Some of us love Christmas in a way that is just over the top. I am not that person, sadly. I  would rather travel. Since that isn’t in the cards, I will decorate, bake and cook which brings me joy of a different kind.  I want all of CHI’s clients to know how much we appreciate and wish you joy all year long, not just during these intense months of celebrating!

No matter if you are The Kranks or Scrooge, your house will usually need some attention this time of year. If only to look around and see how things really look and if they need to be moved, replaced or redone! Does your trim need a fresh coat of paint? Would wallpaper add some pizzaz to your powder room? Are the sofas tired and need to be recovered or replaced? Or maybe you are just realizing that your kitchen isn’t working like you want it to.  Now is the time to book an exploratory call to talk about the remodel or refresh you’re thinking about for next year. 

Wellness in Design

Wellness in Design is on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. These are some takeaways from a webinar from Kohler.

Because we are demanding more from our homes these days, we need to simplify our lives – not add to them.  

  • As our awareness of wellbeing increases, we can reframe our assumptions about how we use spaces in the home. Well-being is more complex than a single thing; the spaces we travel through can affect our mental and physical states. 
  •  Improving our spaces can improve our cognitive performance.  
  • Design is more than a matter of taste – it is a matter of self.  
  • After nearly two years of living on-screen, we’ve become sensory deprived. This will shape the design of the future; touch and texture will be important. 
  • Our health and happiness are vital. Couple that truth with our biggest investment: the home. It’s the place where we nurture the relationships with family and friends. How we care for our home and people are critically linked. 
  •  There are three design elements for wellbeing in the home: good sunlight, adequate airflow and engaging the senses. 
  •  People can experience smells, noise, lighting, color and temperature conditions in very different ways. Designing from a point of view that recognizes neurodiverse reactions will increase accessibility and promote wellness for all. 
  •  Throw away the design rules and find out what sparks you. It’s easy to get in the Instagram mindset, when in fact introducing personal preferences will pay off more than crowd-sourced design.

Finding a way to find both happiness and beauty in your surroundings is a way to experience wellness in your home. We can help you create the sanctuary you desire in your home.  

Call CHI to get on our schedule for a preliminary consultation in the New Year!