We all know that it’s hard to leave the sanctuary of our beds in the morning. There is nothing cozier than stepping out of your warm, soothing bed and having your feet step on a cushy, warm, soft pile of the carpet. Wall-to-wall carpeting has come and gone in design but has not been used in whole house design for several decades. Let’s discuss the pros and cons of installing carpet throughout your home. 


  • It’s comfortable – there is no questioning that it creates a softness underfoot.
  • It’s quiet – it can provide noise and sound insulation.
  • Energy-efficient – it can also help with heat insulation. 
  • Cost – it is almost always less expensive than other flooring types.
  • Design – carpet has come a long way design-wise. There are great patterned options, wool options, and designs to suit your needs. 


  • Allergies – there is no debating that carpet harbors mites, pet dander, and other dust debris that can lead to allergy issues.
  • Moisture – it can retain moisture between the carpet and the pad, leading to toxic mold.
  • Cleaning – carpet can be hard to keep up with cleaning because the stains and odors can be invisible to the naked eye.
  • Durability – you will have to replace wall-to-wall carpet more often than hardwood or tile.Approximately, every 7-10 years.
  • Resale value – most people looking to buy homes prefer homes with hard surface floors like hardwood, LVP, or tile.

In summation, this is a personal choice. Yes, carpet is less expensive and easier to install. Yes, hardwood is expensive. Also, tile can be cold without in-floor heating. Here at CHI, if you were to ask our professional advice, we would say not to install wall-to-wall carpet everywhere in your home. If you’re able, install it only in the bedrooms for comfort. There are some beautiful choices that will be durable, stylish, and classic. However, it’s best to be used in bedrooms, basements, and bonus rooms and not in the entirety of your home.  Hardwood is best installed in Kitchens, Dining rooms, Living rooms, Hallways and Offices. It is warm, inviting and an area rug will help with sound distortion

When renovating or building, design choices can be very confusing and often difficult to make because of the amount of options available. 

Good news! We are here to help. Contact us now to schedule your free phone consultation, if we are a good fit, you can visit our studio and dive into all the vendors and choices with our expert guidance.