Summer is typically the time of year when everyone gets the urge to brighten up their home. Here are some ideas of how you can easily match the outside summer feeling.


Let the sun in-
Open up blinds and curtains, and keep things away that may block light coming in. If you don’t have screen doors, think about having installed.The  sun and fresh air blowing into your home will do wonders to freshen it. Adding side panels to your windows can soften and brighten the view.

Change out dark colors-
Change out fall and winter colors in the house to brighter colors. Furnishings and drapes should have a light, bright look and feel. Changing out small things around the house-such as pillows, throws and seasonal decorations. These small changes can create a big impact.

Add mirrors- Adding mirrors around the house to help make rooms feel larger and reflect the natural light coming in. Make sure that what the mirror reflects is something you want to see.

Paint- or Wallpaper- Paint light, bright colors where possible around the house. If you have a medium-dark color already on a wall, you will need primer first, or use a paint with primer in it to cover the original color.  It is so worth the time and effort to have the bright walls to match the feeling of the rest of the house.  Wallpaper is also a great way to brighten up a room. A bathroom would look great with a large graphic print to make the room feel larger. Florals are back with so many beautiful ones to choose from.

Add plants and flowers-
This is a small thing you can add or change out that makes a big difference. Get fresh flowers from your local Farmer’s Market, or grocery store and put in a fun vase in a few rooms of the house like: living areas, kitchen table, bathroom, and even bedrooms. Adding houseplants is a great way to brighten things up.  Green is always in season. Plants are a wonderful way to clean the air in home. Stop by your local plant store/floral shop. The plant specialists there can help you find plants for the right spots in your home, whether you get a lot of natural light, or very little.

Tidy up/donate what you don’t use-
If you have not already done spring cleaning, make some space, by disposing of excess things you no longer have a use for. Think about donating items that you no longer love. Think about each piece of art, decoration or pillow in your home. Does it work with everything else, does it make you feel good? If you can’t answer honestly that it does, consider donating those items or giving to a friend that may like them more

Change Area Rugs- This is also a small change that can make a big difference in the home. Area rugs can be tired, dirty or just out of style with new items in your home.

Call one of the designers at Chi to help with brightening your home to give it the summer facelift you’d like.

Happy Summer!