Whether you live in a van or a mansion, your mindset can improve if you clear unused items and have everything in its place in your home. Your living environment reflects your emotions. If your mind is chaotic, your decor might resemble your emotional baggage and state of mind.

Perhaps you pack rooms tightly with rarely used goods or leave things where you drop them when you walk through the front door. Too much clutter indicates a need to tidy your mind, and you can achieve this aim by decluttering.

Your home is a vessel of your energy.

You spend a great deal of time at home, and your emotional energy gathers there. Your surroundings soak up your predominant moods and create the ambiance you and visitors to your home recognize.

You also associate your home with the activities you carry out and how they make you feel. So it’s worth ensuring you practice the behaviors that make you feel good when you’re at home.

Clutter can create negativity. Too much stuff, from furniture to paper piles, reduces airflow and, according to ancient philosophy, generates stagnant Chi, otherwise known as the life force.

When you declutter, fresh air moves through your home and dislodges old Chi. You’re likely to feel energized and positive if you get rid of unused and unwanted goods. The added space will aid mental clarity and bring peace of mind.

Set the mood!

Engage in activities that create the energy you want to increase in your home. Practice positivity to lift the spirit of your space. Dance, sing, and carry out positive behaviors. Likewise, if you want to create a tranquil atmosphere, meditate, or engage in other peaceful, mindful activities.

When you declutter, get rid of items that don’t set the mood you want to create. Look at your belongings and ask yourself how they make you feel. Does the bookcase you inherited from your uncle produce good vibrations and happy memories? Or does it remind you of his mood swings and make you blue?

Do your old books reflect who you are now? Or have you moved on since you first acquired them? Proactively choosing what you keep or get rid of will boost the mood you desire and need most.

Examine your home to see where you’re stuck.

When you first moved into your home, you had ideas about what you wanted to do with the place. You didn’t envision piles of clothing in the spare bedroom. It’s unlikely you dreamed of letting clutter gather in the hall or mounting up clothing on exercise equipment.

Note that how you arrange your home, even unintentionally, reflects your lifestyle and says something about how you treat yourself. For example, if you need to tidy the spare room, perhaps you will benefit from more self-care. Or, leaving unused and unwanted items at home means you don’t deal with unfinished emotional clutter either.

Think of your home as an example of the energy you create and how you manage your well-being, and see what it reflects. If you don’t like what you find, make changes in your home and lifestyle. Declutter and consider how to live well, and your happiness and health might improve. 

We have an arsenal of home organizers to help you find your Chi (energy) within your home.

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