The lunches are all packed and the bus is at the end of the driveway. As we kick off the start of a new school year, we want to congratulate all the parents out there. After a stressful summer, you made it!

But our Complements Home Interiors team also understands that returning to the classroom also means busier schedules and less time for organization. Oh…and that dreaded word…clutter.

Instead, we want to help you make the process easier to manage. Here are a few of our best remodeling tips for keeping your little one’s closet organized.

1. Have a Plan for Paper

There’s no doubt that paper is one of the biggest issues parents face during the school year. When students come home from school with a backpack full of notices, flyers, and artwork, it usually all ends up wrinkled in the bottom of a closet. Thus, it is important to have a plan for the moment those documents get carried off the bus and into your home.

As an interior design company in Bend, we’ve helped parents create what some like to call drop centers in mudrooms and entryways. This is an area where those backpacks are kept, unloaded, and all necessary paperwork goes where it needs to before it ends up elsewhere.

2. Make It Easy to Pick Clothes

Another issue that a lot of parents have with their child’s closet is clothes on the floor — some clean, some dirty. And this is especially true with younger kids who are still trying to grasp dressing themselves.

Instead of creating a situation where the issue never gets better, make it easy for your little one to pick out their clothes each morning. At the start of the week, have them choose five different outfits and add them to labeled totes. Each morning, all they must do is grab an outfit from the tote and get going. As a bonus, this saves time when everyone isn’t always awake for that early bus ride, too.

3. Use Storage Furniture to Your Advantage

When it comes to organizing your child’s room, we love storage furniture. There are just so many adorable cube units and storage boxes that make it easier than ever to keep toys and other belongings out of sight.

Plus, using these items helps teach kids that everything should have a proper place. When it comes time to clean up, they know exactly where a particular item is supposed to go. This means less stress for you, more play time for them, and an overall happier family.

4. Consider a Playroom

Does your child spend more time outside their bedroom playing with toys than in it? If so, you might consider adding a playroom. Let’s face it, all those brightly colored gizmos and gadgets can really take over a closet but having a dedicated space for creative play ensures their bedroom remains a place for reading or sleeping.

But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring! We offer interior design and home remodeling in Central Oregon — including custom playrooms that will grow with your family. Just think, what’s now an extra bedroom or basement could be the perfect spot for your little one to thrive.

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