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As your dedicated interior design company in Bend, we’re always happy to talk about the various trends that we see popping up. However, one that you don’t hear too much about is the way traditional style is evolving.

During many of our interior design consultation meetings, we hear from clients that they love the idea of traditional design, but they want something that is a little more flexible to their unique taste. We totally get it.

Thankfully, there’s what’s sometimes referred to as new traditional design. This modernized version of classic furnishings is a little more evolved and takes into account different areas where additional comfort reigns supreme over style.

Want to know how to incorporate this style in your home? Keep reading to learn more about this modern take on traditional interior design.

Blending of Furniture Eras

Most people looking for new traditional design want to be able to enjoy their space without it being too stuffy or finicky. That said, the rules most interior designs have stuck with in the past mean utilizing furniture styles popular during the 18th and 19th centuries, which are often dark and formal.

See where this collides? One of the coolest things we love about modern traditional design is the fact that there are no rules. That said, many people use that freedom to blend furniture from different eras within the same room.

While there should be a few key pieces from the traditional style in the space, adding a whimsical accent piece or brightly colored modern artwork is totally acceptable.

Minimize the Number of Accent Pieces

When some interior designers start to put together a traditional decor scheme, they often add a lot of trinkets or antiques to the space. With modern traditional, you really want to go in the exact opposite direction.

This new style is all about what feels comfortable and right. That’s why it is better to keep clutter to a minimum and only display a few pieces that have a sentimental attachment or strong meaning.

By keeping with this idea, you’re getting the beauty and elegance of the traditional design style, without feeling like a specific era is splattered in every nook and cranny. The end result is an elegant space with special little touches that mean something.

Stop Trying to Match Every Piece

Another hallmark of traditional design is that every furniture piece in a room matches exactly. For example, a bedroom set that includes a headboard and dressers, side tables, etc.

With new traditional design, this so-called rule isn’t really in play. As long as each piece has a complementary element, such as a certain color hue, it can all come together as one cohesive look.

Using the example above, consider using a highly traditional bed with two modern nightstands and a mid-century dresser. As long as they’re all in a similar palette, it will work well together.

What’s the best part about this? You can add pieces you love to a room without worrying about everything being too matchy.

Wrap Up: How to Add New Traditional Design to Your Home

There’s no doubt that our culture and tastes are evolving. That’s why new traditional design is being embraced so well by homeowners, as it gives that nod to the past everyone loves with permission to make your space suit your family’s needs. If you’re looking to enhance the overall look of your space in this type of style, Complements Home Interiors can help.

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