As an interior design company that does home remodeling in Central Oregon, we’re constantly helping our clients understand different decor styles to find one that meets their personal preferences. That said, we get a lot of requests for what’s referred to as Pacific Northwest style, or PNW style.

What is Pacific Northwest Style? PNW design styles can be integrated into architecture, interior architecture, and interior design. It is unique, laid back, and casual approach that brightens a space and creates a cozy feel. The rugged coast, architectural styles are signature to areas in Oregon and Washington, infusing local aesthetic and vibes.

The best part? Creating this design in your home is quite easy. Look at these six inspiring ideas and tips to get the Pacific Northwest look in your home.

Live edge elm slab table with tree rings inner knot and bow tie joint close view

1. Live Edge Furniture

If there’s one thing we have plenty of in the Pacific Northwest, it is trees. That’s probably why live edge furniture is such a popular addition to homes. Whether you’re looking for a unique sofa table or a stunning dining set, there is a piece to suit your needs and embrace the natural beauty found in lush forests that surround the area. Best of all, live edge wood is completely unique-meaning whatever style you decide to add to your space, there’s only one like it.

2. Pendleton Textiles

Of course, you can’t talk about Pacific Northwest home decor without mentioning Pendleton. This Oregon textile company has a very specific style that’s slightly rustic and very chic. From their wool blankets and Native American-inspired pillows, there’s always a fun accessory with a rustic color or design to upgrade the look of your living room or interior space.

Indoor houseplants next to a window in a beautifully designed home or flat interior.

3. Greenery

There’s a unique nature vibe that’s always present in PNW design, mostly thanks to the beautiful forests and mountain scenery we all enjoy just by looking outside. That said, adding natural material and greenery to your space is a great way to capture a pacific northwest interior design. Specifically, elements like natural or faux ferns are a definite must-have.

4. Local Art

If it is anything we love up here in the Pacific Northwest, it is local art. Adding a few unique designs to your walls and shelves is a great way to infuse your home with this style. Need a few ideas? Check out a local art gallery or coffee shop. A lot of designers sell their goods at a local level, meaning it is easy to find that one-of-a-kind piece without ever having to leave your neighborhood.

5. Lots of Natural Light

When it comes to Pacific Northwest style, lots of natural light is important to help combat all those cloud days. As an interior design company in Bend that does kitchen and bath remodeling , we always try to add more windows and even French doors where we can accomplish this goal. Even floor-to-ceiling windows are a great way to bring in that natural light, too.

Leather hard handcraft clay pots waiting for dry and bisque fire in pottery process.

6. Unique Pottery

Finally, you can add that perfect PNW touch to your home with unique pottery. Whether it is a special coffee mug, vase, or planter, using artisan-crafted designs in strategic places throughout your decor is a great way to bring that local vibe into your space. As a bonus, consider pairing it with a live edge wood shelf, some faux ferns, or other elements we’ve mentioned in this guide.

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