Are you looking to do a kitchen remodel in Bend? At Complements Home Interiors, we can help you with the entire process, from start to finish. We’re starting 2021 with a three-part series on remodeling your kitchen, including the most popular designs, what to consider with appliances and how to budget for the remodel. Here are a few of the most popular kitchen layouts and how they’ve evolved over the last few decades.

1. Single Wall Kitchens

In small spaces, the single wall kitchen generally reigns supreme. This is where one wall of an open room has kitchen cabinets and a little bit of space to work around. Where we really see this a lot is in apartments or guest houses where the footprint is super tiny.

Over the years, single wall kitchens have evolved. Instead of just a single row of cabinets, many people are opting for those that are double stacked or go all the way to the ceiling. Situations with limited space generally require extra help in creating added storage, which this new method easily accomplishes.

2. Galley Kitchens

Another popular design option for smaller kitchens is the galley style. This is where there are two rows of kitchen cabinets facing each other to create a walkway in between. You generally see this a lot in older homes from the 1960s and before.

A lot of people really dislike the galley kitchen style, as it makes it difficult for more than one person to be cooking in the space at the same time. This preference has led to a lot of people ditching it for other styles, but it really just depends on the floorplan of the home as to whether or not it can be reconfigured into something else.

3. L-Shaped Kitchens

Those that have a little more space in the room have the option of a L-shaped kitchen. This is where two rows of cabinets come together perpendicularly to meet at the angle. From a storage standpoint, this can sometimes be a pain, as there is a lot of wasted space in that adjoining area.

However, modern cabinetry is making it easier to still reach back there and keep items in place, so it isn’t nearly as bad of a layout option as it once was. Plus, this kitchen layout offers plenty of space for adding appliances in a manner that makes the most sense.

4. U-Shaped Kitchens

For larger kitchens, the U-shaped layout generally makes the most sense. This style places three rows of cabinets together, two parallel to each other with one perpendicular on the opposite wall. It is one of the easiest designs to work with and very common in more modern homes.

These types of kitchens have always been around, but they are starting to get a makeover in the modern era. Instead of just a single stack of cabinets, many homeowners are opting to go up to create additional storage space while also creating a beautiful customized aesthetic.

5. Peninsula Kitchens

Another common layout that you see in many Oregon homes is the peninsula style. This is where you have a kitchen counter that juts out from cabinets to create a bar space. Many people also refer to this as a so-called eat in kitchen, as there’s usually space for a couple barstools on the other side.

The peninsula style is still pretty popular, especially in homes with families or young children. The countertop created by the layout gives the whole household a great place to do homework, enjoy a snack, or sit while discussing the day.

6. Island Kitchens

Much like the peninsula style layout, the island kitchen is also quite popular in today’s homes. The design is also similar, but instead of the cabinetry connecting the countertop, it is a freestanding unit in the middle of the space. Due to the logistics involved, island kitchens are generally reserved for rooms with a large footprint.

These days, this island kitchen design has actually evolved. Instead of having a separate breakfast nook or dining room, many families are remodeling the same space to create an even bigger kitchen. In some cases, they even opt to double up for two islands, which offer plenty of space to sit at one and cook a meal at the other.

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