Can you believe that a new year is just around the horizon? While most of us are super excited to see what the change in calendar brings, there are a few interior design ideas that are gaining popularity already. Keep reading to learn about a few of the most exciting design trends for 2021.

1. Global Influence

We might not be able to travel the world right now thanks to current circumstances but bringing the sights and sounds of faraway places is easy with the global influence trend. Think elements like  framed prints of iconic locations, earthy textures, and international furniture design.

2. Ocean Inspiration

Yearn to be by the sea? While we aren’t technically too far from the ocean, you might be craving the warm sandy beaches of other areas in the country and along the Pacific coast. That’s why many Oregon homeowners love this trend of adding hues of aqua to their walls, such as Benjamin Moore’s 2021 Color of the Year, Aegean Teal.

3. Green and Happy

Again, travel and nature are two really big themes when it comes to design trends right now. Most people can’t make it out to their favorite nature spots, so they’re opting to bring the outdoors in by adding tons and tons of houseplants. For those who are concerned that they have a brown thumb and won’t keep anything alive, don’t worry. Even succulents and cacti are popular additions to decor right now.

4. Luxe Workspaces

While we don’t exactly know when working from home will slow down, what we do know is that the demand for a comfortable place to get the job done is more important than ever. And this doesn’t just mean a spacious desk and a cozy chair. Most people want to be able to have a space that really matches their personality. After all, you want your background to show off who you are and what matters most to you when jumping on to yet another lengthy Zoom call.

5. Calm and Cozy

If you’re sensing a bit of a theme here, you’re right. The top design trends for 2021 all center around the global pandemic and what’s going on in the world. Where we live is super important and now most of us work in the same space. That’s why it isn’t really a big surprise and calm and cozy is more popular than ever. Instead of bold and bright colors on walls, we’re really seeing a lot more muted tones in hues of calming blue, gray, and white during kitchen and bath remodeling projects.

6. Vintage Inspiration Continues

It’s important to note that not all design trends happening this year are brand new. In fact, there’s still a huge push for vintage and antique pieces and influence. The reason for this? Consumers see the need to upcycle goods and reuse items to keep them out of landfills. This is creating a bigger push for reusing older items and giving them new life.

Create Your Ideal Space in 2021

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