When you think about your basement, what comes to mind? Is it a place where your family can enjoy being together? Or is it a black hole with that creepy vibe below the main portion of your home?

If your basement falls into the latter category, it might be time to give our team at Complements Home Interiors a call to discuss making a few important changes. In fact, kitchen and bath remodeling aren’t the only interior design services in Central Oregon we offer—our dedicated team can help with basement upgrades and renovations, too.

Here are a few family-friendly basement remodeling ideas to consider.

1. Transitional Play Area for the Kids

If you’re constantly working to ensure the kids have a place to enjoy, then you’ll love what we can help you do with your basement. Whether your little ones are still elementary school-age or teens, having an extra space to call their own is important. Consider adding a television, a roomy section, or even old-fashioned arcade games to make it a space they can enjoy as they get older.

2. Create a Dreamy Home Office

As a premier interior design company in Bend, Complements Home Interiors can help you turn that drab and damp basement into the home office of your dreams. Think a specially partitioned area with a roomy desk, great lighting, and space for multiple monitors. During the remodeling process, we can even add soundproofing to make it easier to engage in video calls without hearing everyone else in the household.

3. Build Your Ideal Media Room

One awesome family-friendly option for your basement remodel is to build your ideal media room. Think a big projection screen, theater-style seating, and a rocking sound system. Add in some great built-in lighting and extra accessories like a home bar, popcorn machine, mini-fridge, and more. With this extra space, you’ll be able to host movie nights, sports parties, and so much more—all in an area that you once ignored!

4. Add an Extra Half-Bath

Are the bathroom wars on your main level getting you down? Don’t worry! A basement remodel is a great time to add an extra half-bath to your residence. And, by using a professional contractor, you can rest assured that the job is done right. If there’s space, you could even opt to add a full bathroom with a shower stall or tub to your basement.

5. New Laundry Room with More Space

Is your current laundry room not big enough to accommodate your family’s needs? Consider reworking space in your basement to create a new one. Imagine having plenty of space for an extra washing machine and dryer set. Or even a built-in pet washing station. The possibilities are nearly endless!

6. Extra Storage for Household Items

Who doesn’t need a little extra storage in their home? A basement remodel offers the chance to add both more living space and extra places to keep those odds-and-ends around the house. By working storage into your renovation plans, you can finally find a spot for plastic totes full of mementos, holiday decorations, or whatever else you always have trouble finding space for. 

Let’s transform your home into your dream space this year. Contact Complements Home Interiors to schedule an interior design consultation or to learn more about home remodeling in Central Oregon.