If you’re looking for a way to bring a little more zen into your life, then you might consider adding more natural elements to your space. While the process of using textures, accessories, and fixtures with roots in the outdoor world isn’t anything new, it has certainly gained popularity over the last couple of years. That said, it is quite easy to add these types of details to your home. Let’s look at a few ways to bring the outside into your interior design.

1. Choose Natural Wood Furniture

As an interior design company in Bend, we regularly have clients asking for themes that are a bit rustic or have a Pacific Northwest lodge feel. Natural wood furniture is a great way to do this, plus it works with a wide range of decor styles. For example, you can used unfinished pine to show off a woodland-inspired vibe, while clean lines and minimal adornments works well for a more contemporary aesthetic.

2. Add More Natural Light

As a company that offers home remodeling in Central Oregon, we’re regularly asked by our customers to find ways to add more natural light to a space. For a simple change, consider new blinds or curtains that let in the sun’s rays. If you’re considering a home remodel, you can always add more windows, a set of French doors, or even skylights where appropriate. There are just so many ways to do this, both big and small, making it worth talking to our interior design team about.

3. Include Greenery in Your Décor

One of the more newly requested interior design services in Central Oregon is to bring some type of greenery into the home. While you might say that adding houseplants is a good start, not everybody has a green thumb. In that case, silk flowers in a vase or even a faux ivy wall is a fun option. Don’t be afraid to get creative, whether you’re using real plants or high-quality faux ones.

4. Select Accessories Made from Organic Materials

Another way to bring the element of nature to your home in a more subtle manner is to select accessories that use organic materials. For example, you can opt for cotton sheets for your bed or select plush hemp towels in your guest bathroom for a little extra dose of luxury. Just using these types of items in your daily life is a great way to bring the outdoors inside your home.

5. Use Water Features

Finally, you can add a touch of nature to your space by adding a water feature. A lot of people think this means an aquarium or finicky tropical fish, but the truth is that it can even be as simple as a small tabletop fountain from your local home improvement store. The soothing sound reminiscent of a babbling brook is a great addition to spaces meant for relaxation, such as a bedroom or master bathroom. Plus, this option is super affordable.

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