Are you considering a renovation on your home? If the thought of going through the process while still living at your residence seems a little daunting, don’t worry. Here are a few tips to help your family live through a kitchen and bath remodel project.

1. Be Prepared for Chaos

Let’s just go ahead and say it right away. Living through a home remodel is tough for anybody. Be prepared for the chaos to happen in advance and risk being pleasantly surprised when it turns out to not be as bad as anyone imagined. Realize that your once comfortable home is about to be turned into a messy, dusty construction site. But, also keep in mind that the finished project is going to be well worth it.

2. Don’t Get Stuck on Timeframes

In most cases, a home remodel can take a few weeks to a few months to complete. However, there are certain instances where these schedules go out the window for whatever reason and the project takes way longer than anyone wants or intends. Do yourself a favor and don’t get stuck on timeframes. Again, if it takes less time, then everyone gets to be excited.

3. Make Alternate Space Arrangements

Trying to cook meals with plastic sheeting everywhere is simply impossible. Instead, make alternate space arrangements for your kitchen. Use small appliances in another room, switch to your outdoor kitchen while the weather is nice or put together an excellent stash of takeout menus. For a bathroom remodel, have a plan in place for another space you can bathe or put on your makeup without too much interruption. It might sound like it isn’t a big deal to figure all these details out on the fly once construction starts but having them in place beforehand is a good way to ensure your stress level during the project is much lower.

4. Take a Vacation

If it is possible, use your construction time to take a vacation. The less you’re around the house during the chaos, the less stressed out you’ll be. Many of our clients at Complements Home Interiors use this period of their lives to go see a place they’ve never been to before or stay to visit with family members for an extended period of time in another city or state. Just be prepared to extend your stay if project timeframes take longer than anticipated.

5. Consider Moving to a Rental

Finally, if your project is super extensive or plans are for it to take a long time, consider moving into a temporary rental for the time being. Whether this is an unfurnished house or just something like an AirBnB, this can be a great way to step away from the chaos of a home remodel and live life a little more normally for a bit. Most rental agencies and landlords offer discounts if you explain the situation, so be sure to talk to one that will work with you accordingly.

Working with the Best Interior Designers in Bend

Of course, working with Complements Home Interiors means you’ll get the knowledge and support you need throughout the entire home renovation process. Please contact us today to schedule a design consultation appointment.