Spring is here! While the weather is just starting to warm up, there are plenty of little changes you can make to your surroundings to really brighten things for the change in seasons. Here are five wonderful home accent ideas to give your space a spring refresh.

1. Bright Colors

We’re out of the dull grays of last year’s emotional storm. This spring, it is all about adding pops of bright color to your space. The key here is to pick one or two hues that are either from the same color or two that coordinate well together.

The best part about bringing color to your home with accessories is that you can change it out later. So, think of things like a bold orange throw pillow or a piece of wall art with pops of green or blue. If possible, carry similar hues from room to room to make the whole thing look cohesive.

2. Plants for a Little Greenery

Another popular home accent craze is the addition of plants to your living space. Nothing says growth and rebirth more than a wonderful houseplant (or six) paired with some bright flowers. Look for those that are rich in color and pair them with whimsical pots that match the rest of your decor.

Have a black thumb or pets who might eat actual plants? Today’s faux varieties are a lot sturdier and more realistic than ever before. You can even purchase UV-treated styles ideal for filling planters on a porch, patio, or other outdoor living space.

3. Vignette Shelves

With people still spending a considerable amount of time at home right now, curating little vignette shelves that tell a story are quite trendy. Now, we aren’t talking about grandma’s collection of porcelain figurines here. Instead, opt for items that have a similar color scheme and tell a story about who you are or the message you’re trying to convey.

For example, if your favorite vacation was a trip to Paris with your spouse, add items that tell this. Include a photo of the two of you on the trip, a little figurine of the Eiffel Tower, and a photography book or two about French cooking or fashion. There are numerous ways you can put together these little collections that spice up your shelves and can be changed up later.

4. Drink Carts

With happy hours taking place over Zoom for the last year, there’s no surprise that styled drink carts are making a comeback. While this might feel like something out of the 1950s era, having a little piece of furniture that doubles as a portable home bar is a great way to enjoy your favorite after work beverage while adding style to your space.

Bar carts come in just about every size, shape, and style imaginable. Pretend you’re on a desert island by adding a tiki-style cart to your outdoor patio. Or go a bit more traditional with one made from solid wood. 

5. Items That Bring Comfort

As top interior designers in Bend, our Complements Home Interiors team prides ourselves on always staying on the pulse of what is going on in home decor. One thing we’re really seeing with our whole house interior design clients is that they want items that bring comfort.

What does this mean? Cozy chairs ideal for curling up with a book. Soft throw pillows and blankets with extra soft textures. Framed photos of grandparents and other loved ones. And generally anything that brings comfort during such a tumultuous time in our world.

Need Ideas? Complements Home Interiors Can Help

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