Are you sick and tired of all the stuff in your house? Trust us, you aren’t alone. In fact, most families these days struggle with finding enough space to keep all the items in our spaces organized and out of sight.

The good news is there are quite a few options available to make use of what you have and enjoy a tidier living area. Here are a few of our favorite interior design ideas to help declutter your home.

1.Redesign Your Pantry

One of our favorite parts about offering interior design services in Central Oregon is helping people find functions for spaces that they might not have already considered. One of these ideas is to redesign your pantry.

Often, these areas are just wire shelving without a lot of usable storage space. By taking all of that out and adding custom cabinets or even special shelving, you can really find a lot more use for holding food items and kitchen tools than you previously thought was possible.

Don’t have a pantry? Sometimes a nearby closet or even a painted armoire cabinet can double instead.

2.Add a Stylish Mudroom

As an interior design company in Bend, we get a lot of requests from clients to add a mudroom to either their garage or laundry room space. These areas are great for catching coats, backpacks, shoes, mail, and whatever else you have that collects right by the front door.

All you really must do is decide on a small space to double as your mudroom. Add a bench for putting on shoes, a few cubbies or cabinets, and hooks for hats or other items. If you have pets, consider adding a place for leashes or other accessories.

Finally, add a good washable rug for catching dirt from shoes or water after a rainstorm. The result? Less clutter at your entry point and an easier way for the whole family to find what they need before leaving the house each day.

3.Bring in Furniture Storage

Today’s furniture makers are smart. They get that busy families need a little extra help finding places to put belongings. That’s why a lot of the newer style ottomans and even sectional sofas include storage underneath for items like books, blankets, and whatever else you need to tuck away.

Bookshelves and storage cubbies also work well, as do baskets. The great part about using these items for additional organizational space is that they’re interchangeable. If you decide one day that they aren’t necessary, they can always be replaced with something new.

4.Add Bathroom Storage

Of course, major rooms like your living room and kitchen aren’t the only ones that require additional storage space. Most people have specific items in the bathroom that are better hidden away.

This is where looking up is a good idea. Adding a specific cabinet to the wall or set of storage drawers along an empty corner can really work well. And there are even ones designed for ultra-tiny spaces, too.

Home Remodeling in Central Oregon

If you feel like the current layout of your home doesn’t meet your family’s storage needs, it might be time to consider a renovation.

Please contact our Complements Home Interiors team today to schedule an interior design consultation or to ask questions that you might have about the process