Today we’re going to talk about a highly contested topic in the home renovation world: leave your guest bedroom as-is or transform it into a multi-functional space?

Some people feel having a comfortable space for guests is a must-have. Others feel it just becomes wasted space where clutter goes to hide.

Either way, we’ve had quite a few discussions with clients lately who are looking for an interior design company in Bend to transform this part of their homes. Which is why we’re discussing it on the blog now.

Here are a few remodeling tips for how you can make your guest bedroom a multi-functional space.

1. Guest Bedroom + Chic Home Office

Many experts agree that remote work is likely to become the new normal in a lot of industries. That said, it might be time to transform your unused guest bedroom into a chic space to tackle those work tasks, too.

To do this, remove the bulky guest bed and replace it with either a murphy bed that tucks into a cabinet or a fold-out sofa. This still gives you the option of extra sleeping space when you need it but leaves the area open for other uses the rest of the time

Building a desk into an unused closet space is a good place to keep your essentials tucked away and out of sight when company arrives, too.

2. Guest Bedroom + Man (or Woman) Cave

Who says your guest space must be off limits when there isn’t company around? You can easily turn the room into a combination personal space for him or a quiet place for her, while keeping a comfortable place for guests to enjoy overnight.

If you don’t have people staying in your home often, consider switching to either a convertible bed that folds out or skipping one altogether in lieu of an upgraded air mattress. Add a couple plush chairs plus items that make you feel relaxed, like a television to binge watch your favorite shows or a couple of bookshelves with must-read titles.

However, if you have company on a regular basis, go ahead and keep the bed. Add extra throw pillows to make it a comfortable place to prop up and use that as your place to relax in peace as necessary.

3. Guest Bedroom + Moneymaker

If your guest room has a private bathroom and entrance, you could turn it into a side moneymaker. Adding an Airbnb suite to your home is a good way to earn some extra cash for a space that would otherwise go wasted.

For safety purposes, make sure to add a one-way lock between the guest bedroom door and the rest of your home. Then add a comfortable bed and a few extra amenities like a television, mini fridge, coffee maker, and other essentials.

In fact, this process is quite common. We’ve talked to several people interested in interior design services in Central Oregon for the purpose of creating a stellar rental unit inside what was formerly an unused guest bedroom.

4. Or… Scrap the Guest Bedroom Idea Entirely!

If you think about it and realize that you haven’t had guests in a long time, you might be tempted to scrap the idea of having a guest bedroom at all. 

Many families turn this unused space into a playroom for the kids, media lounge for the teens, or just another area where everyone can hang out and relax without stress.

After all, that hotel down the road is still convenient, too.

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We can’t wait to talk to you more about transforming your guest bedroom into a multi-functional space at your interior design consultation. Please contact our team at Complements Home Interiors to schedule your appointment today.