Let’s face it. Hallways are one of the more forgotten aspects of the home. Not only are they usually small and cramped, but nobody ever stops to spend time in them.

The good news? You can still decorate your hallway so that it offers the same charm and appeal as the rest of your home.

As an interior design company in Bend, we want to help get you thinking about how you can transform yours. Here are a few of our favorite ways to update the look of your hallway.

1. Add a Fun Washable Rug

Hallways are such odd spaces to try to add character, but that doesn’t mean it is totally impossible. One way to do this is by adding a fun washable rug in a whimsical pattern.  While we can offer a few suggestions, there are a ton of options out there these days made from materials designed for heavy traffic. Some even have interchangeable pad systems that allow you to change out the top of the rug to a new design whenever you feel like it. This is a great option for families or those who have pets, too.

2. Change Out the Lighting

If your home is standard builder-grade, then you probably have one of those annoying flush-mount lights that seem to be standard in residences throughout America. A good way to upgrade the look of your hall is to tear that one out and add something unique to the space. To find the right style, look for one that meets the overall theme of your home and still leaves enough space to walk underneath. Can’t find the perfect hall light for your needs? Lamp kits are inexpensive and just about anything can be turned into a unique flush mount light if you’re feeling creative enough!

3. Upgrade Trim & Wall Paint

The days of basic design are long gone. If you’re looking to update your space, consider adding custom trim, fresh wall paint or some eye-catching wallpaper. Anything from paneling to craftsman style door framing is acceptable these days to liven up the look of your hallway. Consider a color like bright white to help give the space a fresh aesthetic while contrasting well with your wall paint. Just be sure not to select a wall color that’s too bold or dark, as it can be overwhelming in such a small area of your home. As a reminder, if you need help with this process, CHI provides interior design services in Central Oregon.

4. Add Wall Art and Photos


Finally, you should add wall art and photos to help add that personal touch to the space. For some families, this means creating a gallery wall of your favorite moments together. Or perhaps you have a favorite artist that you want to showcase. The key here is to pick a few items with an underlying theme, such as a similar color frame or uniform size, that brings everything together. This will keep your walls looking dressed up and not cluttered in the confines of the hallway.

Decorating your home should be a fun experience and not a chore. At Complements Home Decor, we’re proud to offer interior design and home remodeling in Central Oregon. Please contact us today to schedule an interior design consultation.