That’s right! Complements Home Interiors–your favorite interior design company in Bend–is back with a few more tips on how to create a space you absolutely love.

If you’ve been on Pinterest, browsed Instagram, or watched nearly any home renovation show on HGTV lately, you’ve probably noticed a trend in home decor where the upper and lower cabinets in a kitchen are two different colors.

So, what exactly is up with this? It is a design choice called color-blocking and it can be a unique way to add a little flair to your home during your kitchen remodeling project. Best of all, it’s easy to do. Here’s what you need to know.

Where Does Color-Blocking Come From?

Essentially, color-blocking is an artistic approach that takes two colors from opposite ends of the color wheel and pairs them together. Although humans have pretty much always used this in design, it became popular with the artwork of Piet Mondrian, a Dutch painter. From there, it became a huge part of both fashion and interior design.

Why is Color-Blocking a Kitchen Popular?

This really comes down to personal preference and the ability to give builder-grade residences a unique look in a simple way. Right now, we’re all still spending a lot of time in our homes, which means a lot of Oregon residents are looking for new ways to spice up the things we all look at each day. Color-blocking is a fun and unique way to make that happen. Plus, the color combinations are nearly endless!

How to Choose the Right Color-Blocking Look for Your Kitchen

Selecting the right color-blocking design for your kitchen space doesn’t have to be difficult. Check out these three great tips from our Complements Home Interiors design team.

1. Choose One Light Color and One Dark Color

The most common way clients who come to us for home remodeling in Central Oregon utilize color-block is by choosing one light color and one dark color. Then they use either the dark color for the bottom cabinets with a light hue for the top or vice versa. The contrast between is really what makes this interior design trend so eye-catching and elegant.

2. Don’t Be Afraid to Mix Materials

A super fun way to add color-blocking to your kitchen is to mix materials. This can mean using painted cabinets on the bottom and wood ones for your uppers. You can even opt to nix top cabinetry altogether in lieu of live-edge or stained wood shelving for a more rustic appeal.

3. Use Color as an Illusion

Small space with low ceilings? Need your kitchen to appear a little larger? No problem! Color-blocking makes it easy to create illusions. As an example, consider a kitchen with dark lower cabinets and white uppers. This combination appears to give the space a taller ceiling, making it feel less cramped and closed in.

Your Source for Interior Design Services in Central Oregon

Color-blocking is just one of the many ways you can use color to spice up any room in your home. We particularly love the trend that’s coupling bold hues like forest green, navy blue, and others with stark white for a contrasting appeal. But we would love to know your favorite, too! Please contact us today to discuss color-blocking or to schedule an interior design consultation.