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As your favorite interior designers in Bend, our team at Complements Home Interiors is back with another post on the most requested elements for homes in our area. Today, we’re discussing tile in the home and the various elements many property owners are asking for.

There are so many great styles on the market to make your home look beautiful, which is why we really wanted to highlight a few. Here are four of the top tile trends for 2021.

1. Oversized Tiles

Extra-large ceramic tiles are really popular right now. Where mosaic designs and subway tiles were quite trendy a few years ago, the look of bigger pieces is what most people seem to want these days.

The cool element about this is that we aren’t just talking about square or rectangle tile. Large hexagons or other shapes in an oversized pattern are all heavily requested flooring options. And the best part? Larger tiles mean they take far less effort and time to install, which is easier for your contractor

2. Retro Patterns

Concrete tiles with whimsical retro patterns are another flooring trend to pay attention to. What we love about this style is that virtually anything goes. Whether you want a hunter green geometric pattern that looks like something from the 1950s era or just a pretty floral in a subtle shade of gray, there’s something to suit your taste. Even old-fashioned quilting patterns are finding a niche.

And it isn’t just flooring where many people are using this type of material. Fireplaces and kitchen backsplashes are all getting in on this popular style.

3. Marble and Stone Looks

One element our clients are really asking for during our whole house interior design consultations is ceramic tile that looks like marble and stone. The reason? The originals of these two natural elements can be insanely expensive and somewhat difficult to care for.

In contrast, the ceramic versions are just as beautiful and are a little more durable for families with children and pets. So, if you’ve been dreaming of a master bathroom suite decked on in Carrara marble, this would be an amazing alternative.

4. Faux Wood Planks

Most homeowners will tell you that they love the look of wood floors, but they’re terrified of the upkeep. That’s probably why ceramic tile with wood grain designs is such a popular option right now.

The best part about this flooring trend is that manufacturers are getting better and better at creating flooring that truly looks like natural wood planks. Each case of tile can usually include several different patterns in the same shade, which gives you that same varied texture and look like natural wood flooring. This includes classics like oak and cherry, but you can also opt for rustic barnwood, beech, and other less common styles.

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Of course, attempting to handle a major tile project on your own could seem a little daunting. Are you looking for an interior design company in Bend to help with your remodeling project? Complements Home Interiors offers a variety of services ranging from interior design consultation to home remodeling in Bend. We can even help with unfinished renovations that need a professional touch. Please contact us today to schedule an appointment.