We’re back and extremely thankful to be your favorite interior design company in Bend! To help give you an idea of what to expect in decor this summer, our team of experts at Complements Home Interiors has put together a short guide about what’s trending right now in the world of decor. Check out this list of color trends for Summer 2021.

1. Bright Beachy Colors

With many people unable to travel this summer, there’s a trend emerging with bright beachy colors. We’re talking super sunny yellows, elegant aquas, and a whole slew of blue hues. Hailed as one of the top summer design trends this year, this travel-inspired use of color is common in everything from the walls to accent elements. Not sure you want to commit to such a bright color? Consider adding pops of it with throw pillows or photo frames in shades like mustard or teal.

2. Neutrals

The farmhouse-inspired design trend still reigns supreme. One of the most popular color palettes we’re seeing as an interior designer in Redmond is neutrals. Whites, grays, and tans are still very much at the top of the list when it comes to paint right now. The good news about this is that it offers a lot of flexibility to use bolder or brighter shades in your accessories and furnishings.

3. Purples and Pinks

Once reserved for children’s bedrooms, purple and pink are making their move this summer. These traditionally feminine colors have become a unique way to give a space a bit of extra sass and pizzazz. Color researchers like Pantone are explaining the rise in popularity as a match to the general mood of the population right now where bright color reflects hope for the future.

4. Primary Colors

It might be the idea of going back to basics, but primary colors like red, blue, and yellow are making a comeback this summer. Most homeowners are using this trend to bring contrast to a muted color palette throughout the rest of their home. While we haven’t experienced this one firsthand as an interior designer in Sisters, we have a feeling someone reading this right now might love the look in their own space.

5. Yellow and Gray

The pairing of bright canary yellow and muted gray is one that you might not necessarily expect to be a winner. However, it is really gaining oomph as a popular color combination in homes this summer. While some design experts have billed this as “happiness and sadness coming together” to reflect the current general mood, we happen to think that it just brings a bit of joy to the place where you spend most of your time. There are multiple ways to use this combo including on bedding or even just adding a bright yellow picture frame to a light gray wall. There are tons of possibilities with this color trend, so look around your home and brainstorm areas where it might work well.

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