One of the easiest ways to conquer your Bend home renovation project is by hiring a reputable interior design team. But what should you ask during the interview process and how do you determine who to go with? Here are 10 questions to ask when hiring an interior designer.

1. What Types of Design Services Do You Offer?

Not all interior designers work on residential spaces. Some only do commercial interiors and it is important to know the difference. Make sure the designer you like and want to hire is capable of doing the type work you’re looking for. Some designers work on furniture or window coverings and some are more inclusive and work on your entire home including selecting finishes and helping with furnishings.

2. What’s Your Favorite Design Style? 

Part of finding a good interior designer for your home project is determining if their style matches yours. For example, you wouldn’t want a designer that only works on modern designs to handle your rustic farmhouse kitchen. A really good designer is able to put aside their own style and wrap their head around yours. 

3. Do You Have References, Credentials, or a Portfolio of Past Work?

The work interior designers do is very visual. All reputable firms have a reference sheet and a portfolio of past work including before and after photos.

4. Do You Charge for a Consultation?

This is an important question because there are firms that won’t sit down and do an interior design consulting session with you unless you pay a fee. Remember that their intellectual property is of value. The ideas a designer puts forth can enhance your home by thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars. Those ideas are of huge value. When you get a consultation for free, you will get what you pay for.

5. Have You Worked on Similar Projects?

If you’re renovating a kitchen, you want an interior designer who has previously worked on kitchens. Likewise, if you’re changing another part of your home, you should hire someone who has handled similar projects in the past.

6. How Do You Typically Charge?

Some Oregon interior designers charge by the hour, while others charge  a flat fee by the project. Most require having a retainer in place before getting started. Most designers make their living by charging for both their time and the products they sell whether it is finishes( tile,carpet hardwood) for your home, furnishings or window coverings.

7. Can You Give a Timeframe of How Long My Project Should Take?

All home renovation timeframes should be taken as a mere suggestion, but the vast majority of experienced interior designers can tell you about how long a typical project of your size takes to complete. With any home improvement project you should add time for finding unexpected issues to crop up.

8. Do You Prefer Clients Be Involved in the Process or Totally Hands-Off?

Believe it or not, there are designers out there who just want to do their thing and leave the homeowner in the dark. This is an incredibly important question to ask if you want to be involved in the renovation process every step of the way.

9. What is Your Process for Structuring a Project?

By structure of a project, we mean how things happen in what order. By asking this question ahead of time, you can ensure you’re never in the dark as the process timeline takes place. A good designer will have a system in place for client communication weekly.

10. Can You Recommend Local Contractors to Complete Work?

Interior designers and home remodeling contractors go together a lot like peanut butter and jelly. They usually work hand-in-hand and most reputable design firms can tell you which ones are ideal for your project and which ones to avoid.

Are you ready to transform the look of your space with the help of one of the best interior designers in Bend? Please contact our Complements Home Interiors team today to start the conversation.