Whether it’s decorating one room or remodeling an entire home, working with an interior designer can help you get the perfect look for your home. Following are 10 of the hottest home design trends right now that you should know about.

1. Eye-Catching Wallpaper

Wallpaper has been around for a long time, but it’s making a big comeback. The most popular interior design styles for wallpaper right now are big, bright designs. Large patterns and intricate designs will turn any room from average to eye-popping.

2. Fireplaces

Fireplaces not only provide warmth and homey appeal, they’re incredible for uniquely decorating a room. There are old-style fireplaces made with rugged bricks or stone and modern fireplace walls with a sleek, linear look.Taylor King

3. Earth Tones

Browns, beiges, and sandy colors are popular now for nearly every room in the house. Whether you’re painting, putting up new wallpaper, or reupholstering a sofa or couch, you can’t go wrong with warm earthy colors. Compliments Home Interior is an interior design company that features a variety of beautiful fabrics to choose from.

4. Curves

Everything from rounded sofas to dressers with stylish curves are fun choices for living rooms and bedrooms. Compliment larger pieces with round throw rugs, round pillows, and circular wall hangings.

5. Dark Painted Doors

When it comes to home décor, painting a door is one of the simplest ways to bring about a big change. Greys, deep blues, and rich burgundy are all colors that look great on doors. Doors that stand out look good both inside of a home and on the exterior.

6.Live Plants

Live plants obviously require more work than faux greenery, but they’re worth the extra effort. If you really want to go bold with plants, try a living wall. These can consist of purchasing wooden frames where vines or even hanging plants can be arranged. 

7. Decorative Ceilings

Wallpaper on the ceiling is one way to instantly change the entire look of a room. If you want to stick with paint, try painting the ceiling a brighter color than the walls. Emerald green or cobalt blue are good choices for bedrooms or living areas.

8. Wicker Furniture

Wicker isn’t just for the patio anymore. Both rattan and cane are popular choices for chairs, dressers, and fun side tables. If you’re not ready to completely plunge into wicker, try adding wicker baskets and lamp shades as accent pieces. Finding an antique piece that has wicker or caning adds interest in a space.